How to re-enable Mobile tethering in KitKat with T-Mobile Network

Mobile tethering helps when there is no WiFi connection and Android devices are better at broadcasting. Frankly speaking I am not a big user of tethering, but I do use when WiFi isn’t available. I’ve  heard that T-Mobile has different plans for tethering, means if you are using mobile tethering on Android 4.4 then you cannot use your mobile data plans on tethering. There was no such issue on Jellybean and on other old version but T-Mobile sets a flag for tethering, meaning if you are using tethering on normal mobile data plan, it won’t work. So today I’ll tell you how to re-enable tethering in KitKat with T-Mobile. After performing the following method on your Android devices, you can again use normal mobile data plan for tethering in KitKat.

tethering in KitKat

How to re-enable Mobile tethering in KitKat with T-Mobile Network:

Follow all the steps carefully in order to re-enable Mobile tethering in KitKat with T-Mobile Network. Please do it at your own risk and make your data plan allows you to tethering.

Important Things To Do:


  • First OEM unlock your device and Root your device.
  • Now use Root Explorer. ( navigate to /data/data/ and make a copy of settings.db ).
  • Now Install a SQL editor.
  • Tap the APPS tab->Settings Storage.
  • Now Tap on settings.db->Global.
  • Edit the value field type 0 and Save it.
  • Now to your device setting and open Mobile networks then APNs.
  • Make sure your network configuration setting are selected.
  • Now set APN protocol and APN roaming protocol to IPv4.
  • Make sure APN is set to
  • Reboot Your device.

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