Easily speed up your original Nexus 7 [ How To ]

When nexus 7 came in 2012, it broke the iPad monopoly after such a long time as it was cheap and fast iPad then. Common people don’t go for specs and most of them buy the thing that is cheap and that works well. So, Nexus 7 was the particular thing that time but as time has passed away, I’ve observed that Nexus 7 becomes a slow and people are started going back to iPad etc. So today I’ll tell you how to easily speed up your original Nexus 7 through an easy guide.


How To Easily speed up your original Nexus 7:

  • First Download the LegoKernel for your tablet. LegoKernel-F2FS-140228.
  • Now Download a TWRP recovery image.
  • Flash LegoKernel with your current recovery.
  • Now Flash the ” Special ” TWRP recovery with Fastboot.
  • Go to in to Recovery.
  • Go in to Wiper Menu.
  • Select Format Data.
  • Reboot your device and enjoy the fast speed.

Follow our guide on Nexus 7:



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