PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 for Android Latest [ Chinese LightSpeed Version ]


The PUBG Mobile game has designed by the famous game developers Tencet. Now since they are China-based and all the big hits are first released in China so does PUBG. If you want to play the latest PUBG mobile version then you must Install it from the Tencent official website. However, if you don’t want to install it from the official Website, then you can download the latest PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 version from the following links below.

As I have told you earlier, China is the first to get the latest PUBG Mobile update and then comes the rest of the world. This new PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 version brings so much new. You can check the changelog below to find out what’s new in the PUBG Mobile 0.6.1. Let’s begin now and give you the PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 Version.

PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 Beta for Android Latest

PUBG Mobile 0.6.1

PUBG Mobile Overview:

PUBG Mobile is about a very intense battle that’s going on in a remote Island. About a 100 different players have made their way to the Island through a parachute. These players now want to become the last man standing. The last man standing is going to be declared as the winner of the battle. In order to achieve this goal, players have to kill every other player on the Island. To do so, they can look for resources to craft weapons. While this process is going to be very long, players will have to make complete arrangements to survive on the Island. They will learn to cook food, they will learn to craft items to help their survival. PUBG Mobile’s outstanding graphics will make you fall in love with it within no time.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile 0.6.1:

1. Add the first-person perspective gameplay mode;
2. Add exciting match-up gameplay, 100-player games, narrower zones, more pleasing drops, and more intense fighting;
3. Add arms inventory system: can be in the inventory of military equipment View the firearms information;
4. Add glass system: add glass to the windows of the building, be careful when turning windows;
5. Add desert maps in the entertainment mode;
6. Add pistol system: add a pistol bit in the battle interface, add a pistol bar in the backpack interface. ;
7. Add close combat weapons vehicle tire may blow functions;
8. materials center line, the player can buy or try the package materials center;
9. new teammate shield single voice;
10. new Perspective in the drop OB In-house material display;
11. Added different sound effects when eating chicken and non-chicken in the finals;
12. Added sound quality squares countdown with 5 seconds left;
13. Quick information added punctuation function, players can supplies the scene information flag, orientations, etc. have a dangerous place;
14 new locally stored sensitivity data customize the interface and features;
15. new scene background sound can be heard in the sea wave Sound, background sound and many more waiting for players to discover;
16. Dan new protection mechanism is triggered when Dan protection mechanisms, will inform the players in the settlement;
17. operational setting new Pitch, get off, and many of his teammates Custom buttons;
Source: TapTap


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How to Download PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 and install it on Android

  1. Download PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 from here. and copy it to your phone.
  2. On your phone, go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security or Security Settings > Unknown Sources > Tap the radio button or checkbox to allow it.
  3. Now using a file manager, locate the PUBG Mobile and open it.
  4. Install the APK by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Once installed, open the newly installed PUBG Mobile game from all apps or app drawer.
  6. PUBG will now start and download its data.
  7. After the data downloads, you can start playing the game. That’s all.

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