Permanently Remove Bloatware From Your Windows 8 Laptop – How To Guide


Windows 8 and Bloatware are like Brothers, they will go hand in hand and always will be like this. However, unlike any other OEM Microsoft tried to go creative with Bloatware, you know like, when you open your desktop lid, you are greeted with beautiful Metro tiled UI. That screen is filled with apps, tiles and sometimes even pictures of those people, whom you don’t even know telling you the news, Sports, Scores and where you should travel next.

It all looks cool and beautiful but once you get used to it, you’ll realize that all of these apps are only making your PC slow, afterwards, you’ll be looking for the solution to delete these apps. You’ll be needing your own Desktop back and this time you have to do a lot more than normal to win. But still whatever Windows 8 is, it is still a Software, and any type of editing can be done with a Software, even removing the Blotware.


Microsoft has 20 apps that comes with every install of Widows 8 and these odd apps are the ones you need to delete, you can delete them manually, just find them then Right click and uninstall. However, there is an easy way. Windows 8 App Cleaner is an easy way to uninstall all these apps. How, let’s find out.

How To Use Windows 8 App Cleaner:


  1. Download and Install Windows 8 App Cleaner.
  2. Open the app and from the Top right corner, choose your Windows version.
  3. Click List of Apps to scan your System for Windows app.
  4. On the Right side of Screen, you will see the Listed apps of Windows 8.
  5. You can Tick the apps you want to delete or select all of them.
  6. Click Remove apps button and in a few minutes, your PC will be Bloat free.
  7. However for apps like McAfee Centerl you need to uninstall them Manually.

You can try Decarp to remove the bloatware.

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