OLED World: Lets you show off with your Galaxy Note 3, S 4’s Display


Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, or Galaxy Note 3? Well, if so, it’s time to show off with your device’s awesome HD display. Samsung has released its very own app named as ‘‘OLED World”. The app sports a number of HD pictures taken by renowned photographers such as Kwon O Chul, Ashley Vincent, Satoshi Kuribayashi and Hougaard Malan who specialized in astronomical objects, wildlife, insect and landscape photography respectively.

The app actually allows you to set up those pictures as backgrounds for your homescreen or the lockscreen and helps you to boast off with your device’s display. Go ahead and download it right now and check out how awesome is the display of your device, and how well it shows the colors and the effects. Download it HERE.

OLED World
OLED World
by – Samsung Display
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