New iOS 8 Concept, What’s New or Should Be In iOS 7.


iOS 7 has been released only 6 weeks ago and some are already looking towards it’s successor, iOS 8. iOS 7 was somehow the biggest change made by Apple since it’s release. But many believes that iOS 7 is still incomplete, because there are many amendments that Apple has yet to make in iOS 7 or it’s next release may b iOS 7.1 or iOS 8. Keeping this in mind┬ádesigner Sangam Bhandari, came up with an idea of the next version of iOS. He gave a real beautiful concept of iOS, even though many liked the changes made by Jony Ive and Apple made in 2013 release, it’s hard to pick holes in this beautiful and elegant design presented by Him.



The whole idea revolves around the revamped Home Screen, which is far great deal, more functional than the current grip of icons. Despite the many changes over the last 12-months, the Home Screen is still One Dimensional . It works almost like the current Notification center bringing hordes of information at first glance. By flicking between the icons of your Notification Center, you can get daily updates and check the notifications directly from Home Screen, without any need of opening the apps.

Functioning is lot better, but the real thing is to feel the interface, Smartphone which can look beautiful is only because of interface. It should be design with keeping in mind to play nicely with the user-ship as possible. The best part is, despite having much going on, iOS 8 still manages to look minimal, it’s not overly cluttered with unnecessary add-ons.


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