Never Loose Track of Your Friends with GPS to SMS App


Well, I don’t know about others, but in this Country we need something that can instantly share the location with another person and since not everyone uses the internet connectivity all the times, there is a need for such an application that can send the location to another person, but with the help of an SMS. There are certain places and conditions that leave us with nothing but the SMS and if we have something that can let us share our Location with other person, or opposite, with the help of a single SMS, then there is nothing better.

GPS to SMS is an app that does the job and it does it with much smoothness. Instead of you taking a snapshot and then uploading it to any Messenger and then typing the message, with this app you can just tap the send button and use any third-party messaging app like WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or any other messaging service to send the location. The best part is that you can save the location to SD Card for further use, and this app even works offline. It doesn’t run in Background. It supports Multi-Language. So many of us will understand what is written. The theme is set to Material Design, so it will look good no matter which Android version you are using. We will provide you the Apk file, so you won’t go through much searching to download it.

Never Loose Track of Your Friends with GPS to SMS App

Download and Install GPS to SMS:

    1. Download GPS to SMS
    2. Connect your phone to your laptop or PC now.
    3. Copy the APK file to your phone’s SD card.
    4. Disconnect your phone.
    5. Locate the GPS to SMS file on your phone now and tap to install it.
    6. If prompted to select installer, then select “Package Installer”.
    7. Allow “Unknown Sources” from Settings > Security if prompted.
    8. Proceed with the installation and complete it.
    9. That’s all!

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