Have a Limit on WhatsApp File Size? Here is How to Increase it


WhatsApp is one of the most famous Social Chatting Platform available on almost all the Famous OS, like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, BB OS etc. not only does it provides an amazing Online Chatting experience, but unlike any other Social Chatting app, WhatsApp doesn’t sell ads instead they ask you to pay $0.99 per year and keep enjoying the service, in my opinion paying such amount is nothing, if you get to enjoy an ad free and uninterrupted Chatting experience. But if you don’t want to pay this amount, then after a year just change your number and all is well to be used, totally free again.

However, there is one thing that makes this app a little out of class, and that is the limit on the File sending, usually the Stock value is 16MB, that you can’t share a file with size more than 16MB, but with this little editing, you can send a file up-to 2GB in size, although you’ll need a very fast Internet connection to send such thing to other person and that other Person, will sure to die when he first sees that huge file size. Without further ado, let us continue.

Have a Limit on WhatsApp File Size Here is How to Increase it


  • A Rooted device, if you are still not rooted, follow the link to do so: Link
  • Download and Install Root Browser: Link

Increase WhatsApp File Size:

  1. Once the Root Browse is installed, open it.
  2. Grant the Super SU Permission.
  3. Make Sure that you already have the WhatsApp installed and Logged-in.
  4. Navigate to Data> Data.
  5. Browse and Locate the com.whatsapp, open it.
  6. Open the Shared_prefs folder.
  7. Locate the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file.
  8. Long press and Open the file in RB Text Editor.
  9. Now Search for this line : <int name=”media_limit_mb” value=”16″ />
  10. Now all you need to do is to change the Value from 0-2048, since the memory is measured in MBs, so technically 2048MB is 2GB.
  11. Save and Exit the file.
  12. Exit the Root Browser.
  13. Now try to send a file larger than 16MB and if it works, that means you have succeeded.
  14. Enjoy! but if this does anythign to your WhatsApp profile and media,we are not liable to pay any damage.