LG G2 Slow Gallery Loading Issue Fixed!


LG G2 is no doubt one of the most awesome devices I have ever seen, I would prefer it over alot of other devices, that also includes top Flahgships like Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, not to mention iPhone 6 etc. However, even in such powerful device lag and slow loading issues are present, although not in all apps and also not all the times. Although there is an Error in LG G2, that has been experienced by alot of users and that is the Slow Loading in Gallery app, and most of the times, users tend to go after 3rd party apps to get rid of such issues, then again those who love the Stock Gallery app, don’t want to switch and for those we have a solution.

The Problem starts, when you have alot of photos in your LG G2 and once opening the app it starts loading the thumbnails, that does take alot of time to load, furthermore, if you have synced your Gallery with any Cloud services, it also will take alot of time to load, thus putting everything on Load causes the Gallery to operate Slow. While on the Other hand, you might have kept some photos in Cloud service and once the Internet is Off, you can’t able to load all the Photos. Without further ado, let us Continue towards the solution.

LG G2 Slow Gallery Loading Issue Fixed!

Solve LG G2 Slow Gallery Loading Issue:

  1. Open Gallery App.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Navigate to Sync.
  4. Un-Sync all the Services, whether it is Facebook, Flicker, 500px or Google.
  5. Or Visit each apps settings and un-sync Pictures
  6. Close the app.
  7. Restart the device to take effects.
  8. After a Successful Boot ,your Gallery will start working like normal
  9. Enjoy!
  10. If still won’t work, please try any 3rd Party Gallery app for more ease.