Learn Different Languages On The Go With Duolingo For iOS

Now who don’t want to talk in Multiple Languages, My brother always wanted to learn Japanese, so he can watch Anime without Subtitles. Learning English is not a difficult task ,you can watch Movies with English subs and after a little time you will be able to speak smoothly, But when it comes other languages, like French, Chinese etc. they are not as easy as anyone can think, even if you can adapt their style, still speaking such languages are not easy. The best way you can learn them is not by the book, but with using Applications that can translate and help you in learning different languages.

The best way is to start with some cool dialogues, then cut off the words and learn the word by word. iOS is offering such apps with multiple Language support and easy tutorial to help you in learning different languages and Duolingo is the best one among them, Only Italian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese is supported for now, but the updates will bring more languages in Future. Without Further ado, let’s look at how you can install it. The same app is Available for Android as well.


How To Install And Use Duolingo:

  • Visit App Store and Download Duolingo. The app is totally free.
  • After the Installation, open the app.
  • Click on the Daily Goal if you want to learn a Track daily or tap may be later.


  • Afterwards, there are a Variety of Lessons Provided by Duolingo.
  • These Lessons are the Best part of this app, you have different objects written in different languages and the easiest way to learn any language is by starting from the goods.


  • In the end of every lesson, you have the option to Check what you have learn in the meantime. You can practice what you learn by translating content.
  • All the Lessons are available offline, a great advantage for all those people who roam outside and don’t use Internet connectivity much.


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