Leaked transparent Galaxy S9 cases has changed fingerprint reader position thankfully and kept the 3.5mm jack


Galaxy S9 cases reveal more or less the same thing that was uncovered from the renders and video we showed you, readers, earlier. Where the upcoming phone was earlier reported to come with a screen-to-body ratio in between 89-90 percent, conflicting reports state that the device will have a similar design to the Galaxy S8. These leaked transparent cases, however, shed some good things about the phone so let us stop pointing fingers at Samsung for once.

Leaked transparent Galaxy S9 cases

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Where other manufacturers are more than willing to get rid of the headphone jack, Samsung has seemingly held its ground and maintained it, as these images show. While the 3.5mm headphone jack might become less important in the future when manufacturers completely transition to USB-C peripherals, it is here to stay for now.

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These leaked images also show that the fingerprint reader is going to be present below the camera instead of being present right next to it. This will require less finger movement from your end, and you will be able to unlock the device much quicker. The Galaxy S9 will feature a whole security suite, but none of these things are going to be as fast as using a fingerprint reader so Samsung, get the position right this time, please.

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For the specifications, there is going to be a difference between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. The smaller phone has been rumored to come with 4GB of RAM, while its bigger brother, the Galaxy S9+ will have 6GB of RAM. Customers might find other reasons to pick up the Galaxy S9+, and that includes a bigger battery capacity and of course dual cameras.

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