Latest Galaxy S9+ renders show a dual camera, a feature missing from the Galaxy S9


Planning on upgrading to the Galaxy S9 when it is unveiled during the month of February? If you take a look at these renders, you might change your mind in the blink of an eye. Looking at these images, it will not take long for you to notice that the Galaxy S9+ will come with a dual camera, a feature that is sorely missing from the Galaxy S9 renders.

Latest Galaxy S9+ renders show a dual camera, a feature missing from the Galaxy S9

These renders also show that the fingerprint position will be in a changed position and should be easier to reach with your fingers after the mess Samsung created with the fingerprint reader for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The Galaxy S9 will also come with a headphone jack, and this dual camera should also bring a huge amount of benefit for the user.

Using software, you can create a DSLR-like image with just a single camera lens, as Google demonstrated with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL so what purpose will a dual camera on the Galaxy S9+ serve? Similar to the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S9+ could have a telephoto lens, allowing lossless zoom on an object.

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Other exclusive features that you could find on the larger flagship could range from a bigger battery capacity, bigger screen, more RAM and storage options. However, all of these are expected to come with a bigger price tag. Samsung will definitely be looking to cash out but it should also do something about the design.

We are well aware of how expensive these devices are going to be and if Samsung cannot find a key design difference to separate the Galaxy S9 from the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S9+ from the Galaxy S8+ then there might be a bit of trouble that Samsung could be able to see from far away.