Install Xposed Framework on Galaxy Note 8 running Android Oreo


Galaxy Note 8 owners who have updated their phone to Android Oreo can now flash the Xposed Framework as well. Xposed’s Android Oreo update came out a few days ago. A handful of Xposed Modules are found working fine on the Galaxy Note 8 that runs on Android Oreo. If you are looking for a way to flash Xposed Framework on Galaxy Note 8 running Android Oreo, you have spotted the right place.Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is capable of turning your stock ROM into a custom ROM without actually flashing one. The Xposed Framework has thousands of modules which require root access to work on a phone. For the past few years, Xposed Framework has almost killed the need of flashing a custom ROM on Android smartphones. So, if you are the kind of user who doesn’t want to flash a custom ROM and still wants all things custom, Xposed Framework is your choice to go with.

To flash Xposed on your Galaxy Note 8, you need a custom recovery and the root access. The custom recovery will be used to flash the Xposed Framework on the phone. After installing Xposed Framework, you will install the Xposed application which displays all the modules and also allows the users to install them. From the Xposed application, which is sort of a manager, you can choose whatever module you want to install. These modules require root access to run properly.

There have been thousands of modules developed for Xposed to date. When it comes to picking up a few useful modules, you will find Gravity Box, Greenify, Youtube Background and some other similar modules on top. So, if you are already tired of your Android Oreo-powered Note 8, it’s time to add a few colours to it. Follow the steps below to start customising your Note 8 with the help of Xposed Framework now.

  1. Download and install TWRP custom recovery on your phone.
  2. Download the Xposed Framework for your phone and copy it to your phone.:
  3. Now turn off your Galaxy Note 8.
  4. Turn on your phone by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power button.
  5. As soon as your phone goes into the TWRP recovery mode, tap the Install button.
  6. Now tap on Install Zip > Find the file and flash it.
  7. Once flashed, reboot your phone.
  8. The first reboot will take several minutes. Keep patience while your phone is preparing itself.
  9. Once booted up, download the Xposed Installer APK and install it on your phone.
  10. Open Xposed Installer now and start installing the Xposed Modules now. That’s all.

In order to uninstall the Xposed Framework, you can simply download the Xposed uninstaller and flash it just like you flashed the installer in the TWRP recovery.

Here’s a list of working Xposed Modules for Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo

1. Status bar download progress
2. Xinsta
3. Buttered Toast
4. Greenify
5. Flat style bar indicators (bug free)
6. XprivaxyLua
7. Soundcloud downloader
8. Amplify
9. Gravity box (O)
13. No device check
14. Burnt Toast Revived
15. Adblocker reborn
16. Soundcloud adaway
17. Bootmanager
18. Minminguard
19. No device check
20. X screen stabilizer

That’s all. If you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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