How to install Custom Recovery and Root UMI phones

UMI is an Android smartphone brand that hails from China. UMI has a number of low-budget smartphones in its lineup. UMI’s smartphones are based on the MediaTek chipset. UMI the phones Umi Zero, eMax, Hammer, Hammer S, Fair, Iron, Iron Pro, Rome, Rome X, Touch Touch X, Super, London, MAX, Plus, Plus E, Umi Z, Umi Z Pro under its umbrella. A custom recovery is available for all these phones which mean you can start modifying your UMI phone now. A custom recovery also means that you can root your phone.

Installing a custom recovery on an UMI phone is not easy as another Android smartphone. The usual ADB Fastboot methods do not work for this device. To flash a custom recovery your UMI phone, you have to use the Smartphone Flash Tool which is better known as SP Flash Tool.

A detailed method to install custom recovery and root UMI phones has been given below. Follow the instructions given in the guide carefully to root your phone with the CWM or TWRP recovery installed on it.


TWRP recovery, CWM recovery and root files will work for the UMI phones mentioned in the first paragraph. Do not try this method on any other device as you will result in bricking it because of invalid files.

Charge your phone up to 50% to avoid power issues during flashing process.

Enable USB deubgging from the developer options in your phone.

Backup all your important contacts, call logs, sms messages and media content.

Use your phone’s original data cable to connect it to your PC.

Disable Firewall/Antivirus in order to download the files properly.

Follow the rest of the method being very careful.

How to install Custom Recovery and Root UMI phones

  • Download SPFT ROM Package for your UMI smartphone and extract it.
  • Download and install SP Flash Tool.
  • Download Recovery.img file for your UMI phone.

UMI Zero: UMI_ZERO_TWRP_2.8.2_recovery.img
UMI eMAX: TWRP_2.8.1.0_UMI_EMAX_4.4.4_284X_v2_recovery.img for Android 4.4 or UMI_eMAX_TWRP2.8.7.0_lollipop.img for Android 5.x.
UMI Hammer: UMI_Hammer_TWRP_2.8.7_recovery.img
UMI Hammer S: HammerS_TWRP_2.8.7.3.img
UMI Fair: CWM_Umi_Fair.img
UMI Iron: UMI_Iron_TWRP_2.8.7_recovery.img
UMI Iron Pro: UMI_Iron_Pro_TWRP-2.8.70_recovery.img
UMI Rome X: TWRP3.0.0RomeX.img
UMI Touch: Touch_TWRP_3.0.2.img or CWM_6.0.5.1_UMI_touch.img
UMI Touch X: TWRP_302_for_UMI_Touch_X_201605171.img
UMI Super: TWRP_3.02_UMI_Super.img
UMI London: TWRP_302_UMI_London.V3.01_20160612.img
UMI MAX: TWRP_302_UMI_MAX.V1.01_20160819.img
UMI Plus: TWRP_302_UMI_PLUS.V3.01_20161019.img
UMI Plus E: PlusE_TWRP_303_V3.01_20170112.img
UMI Z and Z Pro: TWRP_303_UMI_Z.V3.01_20170116.img

How to flash custom recovery on UMI phones

  1. In the extract ROM folder, you will have a scatter file.
  2. Open SP Flash Tool now and click on Scatter-Loading.
  3. After the scatter file is loaded, the leave the Recovery line checked. Do not check any other line.
  4. Double click on the location field of Recovery and select the recovery.img file that you downloaded for your device from above.
  5. Now click on the download button. Right after clicking the download button, connect your phone to your PC.
  6. The flashing process will start now. It will flash recovery on your phone. Once done, it will show “Download Ok” message in a pop-up.
  7. Now disconnect your phone and turn it off.
  8. Turn on your phone while pressing the volume up button.
  9. Your phone should boot into TWRP recovery now. That’s all.

How to Root your UMI smartphone now

  1. Download file and copy it into the internal storage of your phone.
  2. Boot your phone into TWRP recovery now.
  3. In TWRP, tap Install > Install Zip > Locate > Swipe to flash.
  4. Flash SuperSU and after that reboot your device into the system.
  5. Find SuperSU App in the App Drawer.
  6. That’s all.

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