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Few years ago the arrival of Android changed the world of mobile phones ultimately and created a new smartphone era. The open source operating system allows the users to customize it the way they want, according to their likings. The flexible nature of Android has allowed a number of smartphone manufacturers to power up their devices with Android and customize it under their brand, that’s the only reason everyone’s owning an Android smartphone today as they can find one in their range for sure. Not only this, the open nature of Android has also allowed the developers to put the icing on the cake, and they have even made it more loveable and eased the lives of users.

Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Motorola and all other manufacturers have themefied their UI to make it significant, and all have limited customization options one can select from. These changes may include themes, wallpapers, using different launchers,  changing fonts, applying different effects on screen, changing the icons on your smartphone and etc. But this can be done to a limited extent. The goodness, no one can stop you from doing anything out of bounds on your Android smartphone. It is quite simple, once you get your phone rooted you’re on the way to play with your Android powered device beyond the boundaries. Although Android’s malleable nature let’s the users make much bends here and there but rooting the device just adds charm to it. Rooting your device is risky in some cases, but who cares when there’s heaven beyond the barbed walls. Let’s move forward now.frame_fonts21

One of the advantages of having root access or installing a custom recovery on your phone is to flash mods in the form of zip files or flash ROMs to enhance the performance of your phone or to modify the UI or to change the system of your phone. What we are after today is, using a custom recovery and install different fonts on your device. By default, there are only 3 or 4 fonts in smartphones [Samsung] and some don’t have an option to change the fonts, our aim today is to change those fonts into the one of your desire. So just in case you don’t like the default fonts on your Android smartphone or you’re having visibility problem or you just hate the style, You got to move a little ahead and follow the instructions and get it changed on your smartphone. We’ll be having a look on two methods, pick up the one you like.


Make sure that you backup each and everything on your Android device before you proceed. Playing with the system / modding it beyond the boundaries is highly custom and may result in bricking your device. It is highly recommended to make a nandroid backup so that in case of any mishap you may go back to your previously working system immediately. In case you don’t have a backup or you don’t want to make a backup, make sure that you know how to flash a stock firmware on your device in case of any mishap. Also, these fonts will replace the original fonts on your device. So whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it at your own risk.


Changing fonts with Font Installer App:

      1. This app is compatible with Android 1.6 and up.
      2. You must have your device rooted for running this App.
      3. Download and Install Font Installer on your rooted Android device.
      4. Run the app.
      5. Follow the on screen instructions, pick up your favorite font style and apply it.
      6. That’s All.

Changing fonts using a Custom Recovery and flashing a zip file:

XDA Recognized Contributor gianton brought a hefty list of font styles in the form of zip flashable files. You can select the zip file of the font style that you like and flash it on your Android smartphone, but you will need a custom recovery to flash the font style .zip file. You can either use a CWM recovery or a TWRP recovery, both will work for this purpose.Fonts For Android

Compatibility: Android 4.x.x +

How to install:

      1. Download
      2. Extract the zipped file, you will find 355 more zipped files under it.
      3. Pick up the zip file of the font you like, and copy it to the SD card of your phone. Have a look here.
      4. Now boot into custom recovery on your phone. Methods vary for different phones to boot into custom recovery, but the best way to boot into CWM or TWRP recovery is using ADB and issuing command: adb reboot recovery.
      5. Once in custom recovery, select “Install zip/Install > Choose zip from sd card > Select the zip file that you copied to your phone’s sd card”.
      6. Flash the zip file.
      7. Reboot device.
      8. Fonts are changed! Phewww! You’re done.

That’s All. In case you got any queries or face any difficulties regarding this post, feel free to stop by the comment box below and leave us your words. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks All!

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