How to import contacts from Android to iPhone



Have you just shifted from an Android smartphone to Apple’s iPhone and now looking for a way to import all of your contacts from Android to your IOS running iPhone? Well, you may end up finding no method except “Import sim card contacts” under settings > contacts on your iPhone, but there is no need to worry about it anymore as you’re on the right spot now.

Moving your contacts from Android device to iPhone requires a small and easy trick and helps you to shit all of your contacts in a few steps. This may save your time from adding each and every single contact one by one. Move a little forward with us and get this done.


How to import contacts from Android smartphone to Apple iPhone:

      1. You will need 2 email addresses for this purpose.
      2. Create a contact backup vcf  [vcard file] on your Android smartphone. Follow the full guide here.
      3. Compose a new email and attach the contacts backup vcf file to this mail and send it to your 2nd email address.
      4. Once the email is sent, log into your other email address on your iPhone.
      5. Open the mail that you just sent having attached the contacts backup vcf file.
      6. Tap the attached vcf file.
      7. You will get the option to import all contacts to your iPhone.
      8. Import – Phewwww! You’re done importing all of your contacts from your Android smartphone to your Apple iPhone.

That’s All!