How to enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS & Android


Learn how to enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS & Android. It’s pretty simple and you can do it by enabling the system-wide dark mode.

There we go, long-awaited Instagram Dark mode is here. Yes and this update was rolled out for iOS users, don’t worry Android users are also in for a treat. Instagram has rolled out the dark mode for both Android and iOS devices. Although I was shocked that they didn’t make any announcement or what so ever.

Instagram Dark Mode

They quietly added the dark mode on Instagram. But there is no such direct option to enable it from the Settings of Instagram. They made is simple, enable dark mode on your device and Instagram will automatically switch from light to dark mode. Also, if you are an iOS user you need to update your device to iOS 13 and for Android users, they need to update their device to iOS 10.

However, if you are not running the latest Android 10, you can still trigger the Instagram Dark Mode by turning on the Night Mode. That being said, you also need to update your Instagram app to the latest version. Download the latest Instagram update using Google Play or App Store. Moreover, you can use the links below to directly download the latest Instagram update.

Once you have the latest update of Instagram installed, the entire interface will go dark including the feed, stories and the discover tab. That will make things more cool for me, I don’t about others but it seems cool. I think I have said enough, now let’s tell you how to enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS & Android.

Update: You won’t be needing Android 10 to enable dark mode on Instagram. All you need is the latest update and night mode on your Android devices.

How to enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS & Android:

Heed the instructions below to learn how to enable dark mode on Instagram. There is no direct option in Instagram settings, so you have to go with automatic settings.


  • Make sure you are running the latest iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now head over to the Settings -> Display -> Brightness -> Dark Mode.
  • Install the latest update of Instagram on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Launch the app and you will see the Dark Mode enabled on Instagram.

Disable Dark Mode on Instagram:

Now if you don’t like the dark mode and want to disable it. You have to turn off the system-wide dark mode and enable the light mode on iOS. Same goes for Android, Turn off the Night mode and enable the light mode.

Since there is no dedicated option available for Instagram Dark Mode, you have to go with the automatic system. In which Instagram Adopts the color environment of your device.


  • Download the latest Instagram update APK from here. Install it on your Android device.
  • Make sure your device supports night mode. Turn on the night mode on your Android.
  • Now launch the Instagram app on your Android device and it will automatically enable dark mode.


That’s all.

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