How to Fix Insert SIM card to access network services, fix ‘Not register on Network’


If you are using Samsung Galaxy device, then we are pretty sure that you must have faced ” Not register on Network ” issue. Well, it’s a common issue on Galaxy devices, and you really need not to worry about, just follow the guide ” Fix not register on Network “. Many of our user’s have successfully fix this issue and I am glad that we were there to help you all out. But few days back one of my friend told me that he is facing ” Not register on network and Insert SIM card to access network services “.  Whenever he goes to the setting -> More > Mobile networks this pop-up appeared. So, today I will tell you, How to Fix Insert SIM card to access network services and fix not register on network.

Fix Samsung Fix Galaxy Not Registered On Network

Before starting the process let me clear you one thing if you are thinking to update your device to latest model that won’t help you, if you are thinking to install a custom ROM that won’t work either. After trying every possible method, finally a solution for this issue worked out and it’s working for most.

How To Fix Insert SIM card to access network services:

Step 1: Open Setting on your Galaxy device.

Step 2: Tap on Wireless and Networks.

Step 3: Now Tap on Mobile Networks.

Step 4: Now your are in Mobile Networks tab. ( Follow all the remaining steps carefully ).

Step 5: While in Mobile Networks first press the home button for 2 seconds and then while pressing home button press power button for 15 seconds.

Step 6: Your device screen will blink several times no need to worry. After few seconds your device will reboot.

Step 7: All Done now you can see there will be no issue ” insert SIM card to access network service “.

You can try this method for ” Not register no Network “.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network [ Solved ]


If you are facing null IMEI and Not register on network issue on Samsung Galaxy S3 then you must try this method. First your device will be running Android 4.3 XXUGMK6. Now all you have to do is flash only 2 files through recovery. I’ve tried this and it has worked. Download 

  1. XXUGMK6 (Click here)
  2. XXUGMK6 (Click here)

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  1. Surprisingly this simple method worked
    though you can’t (and don’t even need to) enter mobile networks tab as it says “Insert Sim Card to access network features.” .

  2. Worked for me for a One Plus One. Excellent method.

    What exactly was the issue and what did the button press combination do?

  3. wow dude. thanks so much am not sure if the above statement solved my issues or was it coincidental but i tried this on my samsung note edge with 5.1.1 lollipop. the issue was i did have a phone connection and wireless but not at all 3g or h+ or anything.
    But here are the steps what I did. I did as you have mentioned above still no 3g or g or anything.
    then i selected from mobile networks i just selected g or 2g or the lowest connection. then it showed up. then I again selected WCDMA or high speed then it worked with H+ and surprisingly i get 7MB download per secona nd upload 400KB.. am with optus.
    This problem all started as I played up with my IMEI.
    Try this guys. and again if it goes after power off or reboot do the same procedure mentined above in the post and again if it doesn’t select G and then gradulay to upward. NOTE. IMPORTANT. DO NOT SELECT THE HIGHEST ONE WITH LTE/WCDMA/…. WHATEVER. DO NOT SELECT THE TOP HIGHEST ONE LIKE THE LTE ETC. JUST BELOW THAT IS THE HIGHEST . IF I choose the LTE.. the whole mobile data doesn’t show up at all forget about connecting. good luck

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