Best Ways to fix a phone that won’t charge properly


Whenever we buy a new cellphone, the main thing that we always care about is the battery timings and its life, because everything we use requires WiFi or Mobile data, so battery time is the real deal. So, today we thought of finding the best ways to fix a phone that won’t charge properly. When it come to charging many factors matter not only the charger, damaged wires or charging port. Well, the main thing is that we have found a very good solution for your phone, if it is not charging properly.

Best Ways to fix a phone that won't charge properly

Following are possible ways to fix a phone that won’t charge properly. We are pretty sure after applying these steps, you will get rid of all those charging issue on Android and iPhones.

FIx USB Port:

How to fix a phone that won't charge properly


This is most common issue in our phone’s charging port which is at times all messed up and whenever we try to connect charger, we have to move micro USB cable in different direction to make it work. Why you face such kind of problem? Because this kind of issue arises when the metallic surface of the USB port and microUSB charger are not making good contact. You can solve this by yourself, all you have to do is switch off your device, get a small and thin thing like a Toothpick or pin. Now gently lever up the black tab inside the USB port and now turn on your device.

Replace Charging Cables:

Best ways to fix a phone that won't charge properly

This is second best option that you should replace your charging cables because we use cables daily to charge our phones, so there is chance that may be our charging cable is broken from inside or damaged because we bend it so much. So, replacing your charging cables might help you. But before changing do check it properly then go for a replacement.

Clean Up Ports:

Before you put your device on charging, kindly do check your USB charging port. Why? Because we put our phone in our pockets and sometimes a piece of thread or tissue may get stuck in the USB Charging port, and when you put your device on charging, neither will it show the signs of charging nor it will get charged. This is not good for your phone, sometimes it can lead to battery exploding or bad consequences as well.

Replace The Battery:


fix a phone that won't charge properly

Replacing battery is also a good option but before doing this, you must try and check everything. Before replacing battery you can try the latest firmware, disable motions, set brightness low or automatic, turn off Bluetooth, turn of WiFi, don’t use mobile data  and most of the time, we use battery saving apps and mods, try custom ROMs and try clearing your browser cache. After doing all these steps, you must go for battery replacing. First try another battery see if it’s the actual problem, if you have removable battery then check carefully the battery, it might be deformed or leaking. If you have non removable battery phone then place your device on flat surface and spin it, if your device spins then your battery is bulging.

Don’t Charge with System:

fix a phone that won't charge properly

If you charge your phones through PC, System, Desktop or Laptops, we would suggest you to stop doing this, because charging from a wall socket is always fast and it lasts longer then PC charging.

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