Ignore No More Won’t Let The Teens Ditch Their Parents Anymore

Since smartphones are a must have accessory of the teenagers, and smartphones can be used in a number of ways, it usually is hard for the parents to monitor their kids all the time and keep track of their activities. That’s another fact that the teenagers of this generation don’t care much about keeping their parents informed about themselves, and they simply look for excuses to ditch the phone calls made by their parents.

While parents get annoyed when their kids do such things and they just go out of control and specially when the use of a smartphone is involved in it, the situation gets quite frustrating. To calm down this frustration,¬†Mountaineer Technology Ventures came up with an amazing application, named as “Ignore No More“. The application will allow the parents to lock their kid’s smartphone if they feel that they are being ignored or ditched. Once the device is locked, the only operation allowed will be making a call to the kid’s parents or any other authorized contact with the Ignore More application.

Basically, the idea behind locking down the device is, it won’t let the teenager unlock it, unless she/he has made a call to the parents, and get the unlock code that is probably set by them. Apparently, it’s not possible to bypass or delete this application, but a techie geek will probably get rid of it using some across the boundary trick that involves the use of root access, custom ROM or any other tweak. Keeping this in mind, the parents who are going to use Ignore No More should make sure that you check their kid’s device once in a while to check if their kids have stumped the application.

Ignore No More

Ignore No More 2 Ignore No More 3

Ignore No More is available in the Google Play Store for $1.99. Let us know if you’re going to use this application and how much useful do you find it.

Via: AndroidAuthority

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