6 Best Tips To Save Your Smartphone From Getting Damaged

Smartphones are common these days and people love to get their hands on one as soon as they can. These smartphones definitely cost a hefty amount, it actually depends whether it’s an Android powered or an iOS powered device, but after all its a smartphone and it’s going to have some cons on the outside that you need to protect it from. While you spend a lot of money on a smartphone, you probably won’t like to get it damaged at any cost and you would definitely like to apply all the precautions to prevent any mishap and that is something important as well.

If you’re wondering that why do you need to protect your smartphone, we will definitely go through a brief answer we before actually head towards the set of precautions I’ve compiled up right here. There are several reasons that make a smartphone expensive. The very first thing is the smartphone’s level, whether it’s a high end or a low, as mentioned above. If it’s a high end device, it definitely has a great build quality, a very nice design and a very nice display as well and if it’s a low end device, it will have comparatively low build quality/material on all of its ends. Smartphone’s most sensitive and the most expensive part is it’s screen, then is it’s bezel and then comes the rest of the body. If any of these gets affected either it’s going to get damaged or malfunctioned, and then it is going to cost you more than a lot to get it fixed, or it is going to result in downing your phone’s value.

If you’re a new smartphone user and you have no idea about protecting it, you may have spotted the right place to apply all the precautions. Let’s go through the 6 best ways/tips to save your smartphone from getting damaged and let it last long.

1. Use a good screen protector 

A while ago I mentioned that the screen is the most sensitive and the most expensive part of a smartphone. All the manufacturers use the best material for the displays, but that is not enough to rely on so some extra protection is required. The very first thing you should do after getting a smartphone is, you should paste some nice screen protector on its screen. There are different protectors available, you may go for one that keeps your phone’s screen safe for a very long time. The best choice is to go with the bullet proof protectors, these are just named as bullet proof because of a very thick sheet that is shock resistant as well. These protectors are a bit costlier as compared to the ordinary ones, but you won’t probably save a few bucks and put your expensive smartphone in danger.     screen-protector-glas-625x625

2. Use a back protector

If your smartphone has a sensitive back case, or a sensitively built back, you must put some nice protector on its back too. It will not only protect your phone’s body, but will also protect its camera and flash. A back protector is similar to a screen protector, although there are back cases, but putting a protector will result in some extra protection and will prevent any scratches to get printed on the back of your expensive smartphone. A back protector is usually recommend on the Apple iPhone(s), iPad(s) and iPod(s) while Samsung’s and other manufacturer’s do not use that much sensitive material for their devices.


3. Use a Silicon Flip Case

There’s a vast variety of cases available for all the smartphones, but the question arises when you got to pick up one that is the best to go with. The heading here says that you should use a Silicon Flip Case, there’s a strong reason behind that. Using a back cover for your phone will only protect its back and its bezel, but it won’t be able to protect your phone’s screen. Using a bumper case on your device will only protect its bezel, it won’t protect its screen nor it will protect i’s back, and using a plastic back case or cover will result in damaging your phone’s bezel while putting it on and off.

So, the use of a Silicon Flip Case can be justified here. The very first thing to note down is, Silicon won’t damage your phone’s bezel or bring any scratches on your phone’s body. If your phone is dropped accidentally, Silicon will definitely play its role in absorbing the shock, and won’t let the smartphone get damaged. Now why this case should be a flip one? Well, it will save your phone’s screen as well and you don’t actually need to worry about any part of your smartphone once it’s packed inside a Silicon Flip Case.iPhone Flip case

4. Do not drop your phone, be careful while holding it.

Your hands should grip the smartphone carefully and avoid dropping it at any cost. If your phone doesn’t have any case and it accidentally slips out of your hands, and it falls on some hard floor, the jerk will be good enough to crack any of its parts. So hold your smartphone carefully, and put it in your pocket after you’ve used it.Girl With Mobile Smart Phone

5. Use a Cord/Wriststrap

If your smartphone or it’s case has a wristrap/cord hook, that’s a going to help you protect your smartphone. Once you’ve attached a cord or a wriststrap with your smartphone, and you’ve tightened it on your wrist, it will not let your smartphone fall if it accidentally slips from your hands. As a precaution, you must wear a wriststrap plugged into your smartphone while you’re using it, it will help you to be fearless with the use as well. ea59604e16c4cc5064ca702fc9fbbfe7

6. Avoid accidental drop:

The most common thing that happens with the smartphone owners. While you’re sleeping deep on your bed and your phone is somewhere besides you, it might fall off the bed anytime, or just when you wake up and you get yourself out of your bed, you might result in throwing it down. If you’re sitting somewhere, whether on a chair in your house, or on a car’s driving seat and you’ve put your smartphone on your lap, while getting up you may forget that your smartphone is placed on your lap. This will result in throwing your smartphone far away, and result in a serious damage as well. So, make sure that you do put it at a safe place before you sleep, and you do not put it on your lap while sitting somewhere. hero-phones-Galaxy_s5

That’s all. I hope that this guide helps you to protect your smartphone and keep it safe. If you think that there’s something that can improve it any further, make sure that you drop it in the comment box below.

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