How To Zoom In Instagram Photos

Instagram is the most widely used photo sharing application. Instagram offers some cool features that make this application a great choice. You can snap the pictures, add filters and share on the go with your friends and your followers. Where Instagram takes the pictures to a whole new level, it also lacks some features. One of the most important features that it misses is the zoom in/out feature for the pictures. You can’t open the picture in a new screen, and you can’t zoom in to have a close view of the picture. Just in case you want to see a picture in detail, you won’t be able to do so using Instagram. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore, as we have a trick here that will allow you to zoom in Instagram photos.Instagram_Rainbow_Banner

This can be done by using Android’s very own magnification gestures feature. The magnification option hidden under Android Accessibility settings allows you to zoom in the whole screen of your Android smartphone. Once you’ve activated this option, you can simply open Instagram application, bring up your desire picture and triple tap the screen to zoom in the on-screen part. The magnifier will highlight the magnified area in an orange box that you can zoom in and zoom out by simply pinching in or out the screen.

Let’s have a look on how to activate magnification gestures on your Android and zoom in Instagram photos.

How To Zoom In Instagram Photos

  1. First of all, go to settings > accessibility > vision > magnification gestures > turn on.
  2. Now open Instagram application and navigate to your desire picture.
  3. Now tap the screen three times and it will zoom in that particular area of the screen.
  4. You can now pinch in/out the screen to zoom in/out.
  5. You can use two finger swipe to pan the zoomed in picture.
  6. To get out of the zoomed screen, tap the screen thrice again.
  7. After using the feature, don’t forget to turn off magnification gestures from accessibility settings.
  8. That’s all.11297042_10206245778716045_812070678_o-side
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