How To Fix ” Forgot alternative fingerprint password Galaxy S5 “


Here’s how you can fix Forgot alternative fingerprint password on Samsung Galaxy S5, yes this problem can be solved after few days of hard work finally i’ve found a working method. In the following guide i’ll explain all the possible methods to solve Forgot alternative fingerprint password Galaxy S5. There is no rooting involved in these methods. Please carefully follow all the steps mentioned below in order to fix alternative fingerprint password.

alternative fingerprint password

How To Fix ” Forgot alternative fingerprint password Galaxy S5 “:

Method #1: If you can still access you settings then goto Settings->Finger Scanner -> Fingerprint manager -> Long Tap on Finger Print 1 and delete it. Now go back to the finger scanner menu and Tap on change backup password and add you new password.

Method #2: Go to Device Manager Androidy configure the remote lock & delete feature if you have not already. Once the installation program to use the lock function to reset your password. This allows you to change your “unlock screen” password.

Method #3:

  1. Restart the device in Safe mode.
  2. Press the Home key.
  3. Select Touchwiz.
  4. Clear the app cache.
  5. Restart the device and test.

Method #4:

Step #1: Goto online Android device manager and login with your Google account.

Step #2: Now wait till Android devcie manager locate your device.

Step #3: Click on lock your device and add a new password.

Step #4: Now turn on your device and you’ll see black screen with locked written on it.

Step #5: Tap on back button two times and on the next screen insert your password.

All Done. !!

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