How To Use An Android Device as a Wireless Gamepad


Previously, we have posted an Article about using an iPhone as a Joystick to play games on PC. However, we can see more Android devices with people rather than an iOS device. So, if there’s an app that would work with an Android device to make it as a Wireless Joystick and giving games a fair distance to play games. Owning a gaming console can solve all these problems, you can even connect them with an LED Monitor or TV  and wireless Joystick gives you the Advantage.

However, gaming consoles are not cheap, you can purchase a good PC with such money. And if  you do happen to own a PC but tired of playing games using a Mouse and a Keyboard but don’t want to use Cheap Gaming Pads, go ahead and follow our tutorial to use your Android device as a Joystick. The app was Featured on XDA portal and still in its early stage of development, you might find a little amount of features but in future developers have promised to port a lot of new features in it.


Use Mobile Gamepad On Android:


  1. Download Mobile Gamepad for Android from Play Store and For PC use XDA Source, both of them are free.
  2. The drivers are signed for 64-bit version, so it will work only on a 64-bit windows.
  3. Install the app of PC and Launch it afterwards, you will see the IP address to use into Android app.
  4. Open the Android app and write the IP manually.
  5. If you see any errors, make sure the device is connected to the Same Wi-Fi network.
  6. If you don’t have any router, use  aVirtual Hotspot to connect.
  7. Once the devices are connected, you will see a very basic Gamepad on your Android screen.
  8. Configure the Keys before playing, otherwise you will be running in Circles in the First game.
  9. Press the Add button and Configure the Key Mapping.
  10. Launch the Game on PC and see how it is working.

Source: XDA