How To Use AirDrop On iOS Devices.


AirDrop is another amazing feature of iOS 7, that allows you to send and receive things to other devices using AirDrop. It’s simply looks like that Apple wants to compete with Android, because if you look at the functioning of AirDrop, it’s the same as Android Beam. Well, let’s forget about it and get straight to the point. In this article, we will tell you how to Enable and Use AirDrop to transfer media among iPhones using AirDrop.


 But Before we begin, remember:

  • This tutorial is only for iOS, because iOS 7 is currently featured with AirDrop.

How To  Enable AirPlay in iOS 7 Devices.

In order for others to see your device to send data via AirDrop, you must first Enable the option of AirPlay in your device. How? Follow the guide.

  • Open AirDrop How? Pull up the command centre from bottom of screen and Tap AirDrop.
  • Select Everyone or Contacts only, One will allow everyone around you to send you things, while other will only allows those who are in your contact list to send you things around. Don’t worry, you need to accept everything before it gets saved in your device, so even selecting everyone won’t be a problem.
  • Make sure that the person tho whom you are sending things has enable it as well.

How To Send Something VIA AirDrop.

  • Open any sort of media like, Photo, video or Music or anything that has a share button,  in your iPhone.
  • Once you are viewing the thing, tap on Share icon.
  • Tap AirDrop.
  • People around you with enabled AirDrop will be shown as a Circular icon.
  • Tap on anyone you want to share, the other person must click accept.
  • The item will be transferred and automatically opened in others iPhone.

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