How To Set-up Touch ID On iPhone 5S.


It seems like that many people are having some sort of trouble with setting up the touch ID in iPhone 5S. ¬†Even though they set it up and received the success message, when they tried to unlock their phone using their finger, then can’ get pass the lock screen. I have seen many requests at Apple forum and thought to search for ir and finally found it on Following is the accurate way to set-up your finger print for the Unlock screen.


But before we begin make sue to remember:

  • Your finger Tip is clean and there is not much dirt on it.
  • There shouldn’t be nay mark of Scar on your finger tip, which you will be using to set-up your ID.
  • If you have done it before, you will need to remove those Prints to set-up the new ones.

How To Remove Your Old Finger Prints:

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Open General.
  • Tap Passcode and FingerPrint.
  • Enter your Pincode/Password if asked.
  • Tap FingerPrints.
  • Tap Edit at Top Right.
  • Tap the red minus next to one of your current fingers below, then tap Delete.
  • Repeat the Above step to remove all fo your finger prints.

How To Add the New FingerPrints.

  • Tap Add a FingerPrint.
  • Put the majority of your Hand thumb on the Home Button of iPhone 5S and make sure that it covers the entire Home Button, hold it there until phone scans it.
  • Now for the Next scans, imagine your thumb in four different quadrants. ( top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right).
  • Now cover the entire home button with your Top Left side of your Thumb and press down. Wait till it got scanned.
  • Now do the same with other 3 quadrants and make sure to cover the entire button and press down a bit hard.
  • Finally put the centre part of your thumb on the home button and wait for the scan, now that you whole thumb has been scanned, now no matter which part will be scanned by the phone, you phone will unlock and there won’t be any error.

How To Adjust Your Grip.

Now this part is a tricky one, but if you get a hold of it, the above tutorial will get even easier, and you won’t be having any trouble while scanning for unlocking your iPhone.

  1. Rotate your Thumb to 45-degree angle onto its right side and scan it.
  2. Now rotate your Thumb to the left side in the same manner and scan it too.
  3. Now make sure that your fingers Top is on the scanner and scan it.
  4. Now scan the lower side of your finger.
  5. Repeat all the Four steps and make sure to scan until it is done scanning.
  6. If you won’t succeed after all the scans, just do the random position scanning until it is finished.
  7. Once Done, you have a finger scanned.

Make sure to scan all the fingers you want to use in near future.


Source: TheUnlockr

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