How to update Galaxy S8 to Android Pie via Odin


Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F in Germany is the first variant to receive an official Android 9.0 update. This is the first region and other regions are yet waiting for it. In this guide, learn how to manually install Android Pie 9.0 firmware on Galaxy S8 G950F with Odin. It is used to install official firmware on Samsung smartphones and tablets.

If someone does not want to want to wait for the OTA update, then follow the steps below to install Android Pie 9.0 firmware on G950F. At this point of time, this is the only variant. This post gets new updates with new firmware releases. Stay tuned for more updates and firmware download links.

galaxy s8 to android pie firmware via odin

What’s new in Galaxy S8 Android Pie update?

Until now, Samsung users did not get a major update in terms of UI. The TouchWiz UI has been the main interface for Galaxy devices for a very long time. However, the Android Pie 9.0 update for Galaxy S8 brings One UI. This is the new proprietary interface for Samsung’s Android devices. It is a complete overhaul. The basic motivation behind One UI is to make overall user experience more friendly. It is especially designed to make one-handed use more accessible.

One UI update

All Galaxy users will agree that it was a complete mess to press any button in notifications bar. On double swipe down, we get the buttons for WiFi, Mobile Data, Airplane Mode and lot of others. However, all of these were previously positioned at top of screen. A phone with large screen is hard to use with this design. Therefore, when you double swipe down on Galaxy S8, the notification button move down as well. It feels way more easy to use this time around.

A much awaited addition to this update was the brand new Dark Mode. It is a system-wide Dark mode or Night mode. From notifications tray to background in settings and stock apps, everything is optimized for night use. Since most of the background turns black, it is much easier on the eye at night time. Moreover, the battery life should be slightly better since white screen consumes slightly more battery.

New stock Apps

In addition to design updates, we also get new stop apps. All of these apps are designed with one-handed usage in mind. This includes Messaging, Phone App and lot of other apps. In the messaging app, now you get menu selection at bottom of screen. To make the bezel less and full screen experience even better, now switch between navigation buttons at bottom of screen for swipe gestures. Swipe up in mid for home key, in left for recent apps menu and in right for back button. This replaces the traditional three button layout of Galaxy S8 with 3 gesture positions.

The biggest complaint with TouchWiz UI was the performance. Initial tests reveal that One UI slightly improves the performance score for S8. However, this does not mean that phone is going to get faster. But the overall change to UI and animations make it feel much faster and smoother than before.

Pre-Update Requirements

  1. Odin 3.13.1 – Download
  2. Samsung USB Drivers – Download and Install on your PC.
  3. ADB Drivers – Download
  4. Download Galaxy S8 G950F Android Pie 9.0 G905FXXU4DSBA Firmware – Direct Link
  5. Check phone model number in Settings > About Phone > Model Number. It must be G950F. Do not use this guide on any other model.
  6. Charge the phone over 50%.
  7. Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging mode on your Galaxy S8. To do so open Settings > About Phone > Tap the build number for 7 times to enable Developer options. Now go back to Settings > Developer options > Find OEM Unlock & USB Debugging > Enable.
  8. Head over to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > secure Startup. Enable “Require PIN” option here. Enter a PIN that you will remember.

How to install Android Pie 9.0 firmware on Galaxy S8 – Guide

Note that this is an official update. This means that it is not rooted or a custom ROM with unofficial changes. The G905FXXU4DSBA update in this guide was first released in Germany (DBT) region. However, the firmware itself is neither locked in any language nor branded with any telecom company. It is a pure update for unlocked Galaxy S8.

At this time, we have only received the Android Pie 9.0 firmware for G950F. As more firmwares are released, this post will incorporate those updates along with firmware download links.

Installation steps via Odin

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow the steps below to install Android Pie 9.0 Firmware on Galaxy S8 via Odin.

  1. Download and unzip Odin.

    Unzip the downloaded odin zip file from above. Put it anywhere on your PC.

  2. Download and unzip the Galaxy S8 Android Pie 9.0 firmware.

    Use the link above and download this firmware anywhere on your PC. Unzip it to get all files inside.

  3. Add BL, CSC, AP and CP files from firmware zip in Odin.

    Open Odin, click on respective tabs and load the files with extensions. For example, BL file will go into BL tab. These are mentioned as prefixes on these files. Use Home_CSC file to avoid factory reset. Otherwise use CSC_ file to perform a clean install. It will wipe all data on phone.odin files method

  4. Put Galaxy S8 into Download Mode.

    Turn off your phone. Wait for 5 seconds. Press and hold volume down + Bixby + home keys together. Wait until you see download mode screen. Press volume up to continue.

  5. Connect Galaxy S8 to Odin in Download Mode.

    Use a USB cable to connect your phone to PC. The ID:COM box should turn blue. Moreover, you’ll get “Added” message in log.

  6. Untick Re-partition option.

    In the main menu of Odin, untick Re-partition option. Only tick Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time. Leave rest of the options.

  7. Press Start and let the flashing complete.

    Once you’ve double-checked everything, hit the Start button. The flashing process with take few minutes.

  8. Phone will restart automatically after flashing is complete.

    Once the flashing is complete, your phone will restart automatically. The first reboot will take longer than usual.

  9. Enter startup PIN if asked.

    Once the phone restarts, enter the startup PIN that you created in requirements.

  10. Complete the setup after reboot.

    Once the phone is rebooted and unlocked, customize it with your personal settings.

That’s pretty much it! Enjoy the latest Android Pie update on Galaxy S8 from now on. Note that this might be last major update for this device. Samsung may still release security patches. However, Galaxy S8 Plus probably won’t get official Android 10 firmware.

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