How To Update At&t HTC One To 4.3 Jelly Bean

HTC one is the best Android device till now and now a days Android 4.3 Jelly bean update is every where for all HTC One models. Those who have HTC One international model they don’t have to worry about a thing all they have to do is goto Setting>About>Software update. But those who are using carrier devices like me i am using AT&T HTC One i can not update my device through simple update. I have to goto settings > AT&T Software Update> Check for updates. Like Samsung we can not download official firmware and update it through ODIN that’s bad. Ok now lets start the process .

Update HTC One to 4.3

Things To Remember:

  • Your battery should be charged 60%.
  • This process is not for HTC One International Model.

How To Update At&t HTC One To Official 4.3 Jelly Bean:

Step 1: Goto Settings then At&t Software Update> Check for Updates.

at&t htc one 4.3


Step 2: Now when you are in the menu tap on the ” Check for Updates ” ¬†and at first you will get a update of 20 MB, wait for download to complete and your device will reboot and it will take 2 mins to install.

Step 3: After the 1st update is installed go back to setting and again ” AT&T software update ” then tap on ” check for updates ” after few seconds you will get a pop-up message ” wait for 24 hours and 12 mins “. No need to worry about that , go to settings select Date & time and change date to next day e.g if its 11/3/2013 change it to 11/4/2013.

Step 4: When the date is changed go back to setting again AT&T software update > check for updates and you will get the update of official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for AT&T HTC One.

You will get 2 updates before the 4.3 Jelly Bean update first will be 22MB second 256MB and after these 2 you will get the 4.3 update of 565.7 MB. You have to change two times date to get the main update.

Let me know in comments if you have any problems.

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