How To Unlock Moto X Running Kit Kat [ Dev Ed ]


I love to poke in XDA Developer Forum and most of the time I have found interesting stuff as well. And then I also share all those helpful tips and tricks with you all. Today I’ll tell you how to Unlock and Root Moto X Developer Edition Running KitKat. Following are the step by step instruction guide for Moto X Dev Ed and for non Dev Ed. Thanks to XDA Member.


How To Unlock Moto X Running Kit Kat [ Dev Ed ]:

  • First unlock and root Moto X Developer Edition.
  • Use the Following link to Unlock the Moto X and also download SDK and installing Motorola Device Manager.

Unlock Moto X Bootloader

  • Now download the mfastboot.exe.
  • After download mfastboot.exe place it in same directory as fastboot.
  • Download TWRP for Moto X 4.4. Place it in same directory as fastboot.
  • After unlocking your Moto X enable USB debugging.
  • Now Download SuperSU 1.93.
  • After downloading the SuperSU put your Moto X into bootloader mode by pressing Volume Down button+power button for 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Now connect your device with PC.
  • After you device is successfully connected in bootloader mode. Open a command prompt on your PC and go to the directory where you’ve placed mfastboot.exe.
  • In command prompt writer.

mfastboot flash recovery twrp-

  • This command will be a flash recovery on your Moto X.
  • Now in command prompt type.

fastboot reboot-bootloader

  • After your device is rebooted, disconnect your device from PC.
  • Now go into the recovery by pressing Volume down button to highlight recovery and then press volume up button to select it.
  • After getting in to the recovery tap on install button to install SuperSU.
  • Now scroll down to find SuperSU where you placed it.
  • Select the SuperSU zip file and swipe to install.

All Done. 🙂 Do tell me in comments if you face any kind of issues regarding this guide.

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