How To Fix Delivery Bug in iOS 7 iMessages

Finally, Apple has acknowledged the problem with iMessages, that all those who have switched from Android or other devices to iPhone are experiencing a bug in their iMessages app. They’ve sent messages from their device, the app shows it as “Deleivered” but on the rear end, the person who should actually supposed to receive the message, didn’t get it. Well, of course only some of them are lucky enough to see the star trail. Apple has promised to solve this problem in near future which means in the update of iOS 7.1.2, but who can wait that long and who knows whether Apple will solve it in the next update or not.

Back to the problem, since we can’t or most of us can’t wait for the update of iOS 7.1.2,as they have to do something about it and the whole protocol runs on the iMessage priority, you won’t be able to send any message until that problem is solved. Viber and WhatsApp are the temporary solutions, but not all the times internet connectivity is there for you. So, disabling the iMessage is the best option left for all of us or there are a couple of more, but as I said the best option left and also if you want to switch to any other brand, do it on early basis, because it takes Apple 45 days to clear out all the Data and Phone number, so it is better to disassociate your Phone number ASAP.


Diable iMessages On iOS 7:

  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Scroll down and Select Messages.
  3. Toggle iMessages Off.


However, the iMessages is Wired into the whole premises of Apple, you have to make sure that your Number is not connected in any way, here are a couple of things you can try.

  1. Remove your Phone Number Form your iCloud Account using your Macbook, if you have one, Sign in and check that your number is not hidden anywhere.
  2. Call 1-800-My-Apple, and request them to remove your number from the iMessages server.
  3. Give server up-to 45 days to remove your Phone number.
  4. Reset your Apple ID and sent “Test” Stop to 48369 from your new device.

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