How To Turn off Activation Lock On iPhone running iOS 7


Now a days mobile snatching is every where to stop that Apple has introduced a feature called Activation Lock, that means if your iPhone is stoled so first thing every one is do perform a factory reset or try to remove pass lock through custom ISPW. After doing all these steps still they need your login credentials to remove the Apple id and Turn off Find My iPhone. This is a good thing to stop crime but it cause lot of difficulties for those who sell their devices to others and forget to remove the Activation Lock. New owner cannot perform factory reset, cannot add his/her iCloud and Apple. So here’s you can Turn off Activation Lock On iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 7.

how to turn off Activation Lock on iPhone running ios7

How To Turn off Activation Lock On iPhone running iOS 7:

  • Open setting on your iPhone and goto iCloud.
  • Now search for Find My iPhone and turn it off.
  • You’ll have to add your Apple id login credentials to completely turn off Find My iPhone.


Turn off Activation Lock On iPhone running iOS 7 [ iCloud ]:

  • Open on your PC/Mac Browser.
  • Sign into iCloud account.
  • Now open ” Find My iPhone ” select the device you’ve sold.
  • It will take time to get the location of your device.
  • After selecting your device click on the cross button right next to your device. You’ll get a confirmation alert click on remove. 

This will remove the Activation lock from the device you sold.

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