How To Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices Quickly

Well for about now, the only way to transfer data between two mobiles is Bluetooth. Infrared has gone for a long time and despite we don’t use it much, still sometimes we have to use it to transfer small size photos or Music. The real reason why we hate transferring large files via Bluetooth, is because it is not that much fast. You will get a 200kbps rate, not fast enough for files of 1GB or even 100MB, they will consume a lot of time to transfer them.

In Past, we share an article about using ES File explorer to Stream movies from PC, today we will share how to transfer very large files, in terms of Bluetooth, within Android devices using ES File Explorer. Since ES File Explorer has the option to connect to an IP for data transferring, without having any Access point to connect, using a concept of Wi-Fi Direct. All you need is Two or More Android devices with ES File Explorer installed on both of them and your Android device must be running Android 4.1 or Above.


How To Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices


  1. First of all we need to Create a Personal Hotspot, no need to connect to any external Hotspot.
  2. Go to Setting, Select More under Wireless and Network Settings, Tap in Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  3. Set the Password if you want, and also set the SSID name.
  4. Now connect the Devices using that Wi-Fi Hotspot, just make sure you have the Dynamic IP, not the Static one.
  5. Once the devices are connected, Open ES File Explorer.
  6. Select the File/Files in ES explorer,either Tap the 3 Dots or the option key in your device and Tap Send.
  7. If the devices are successfully connected, you will see the IP or the Second Android device on the List.
  8. The other device will see the Notification. Once accepted, the transfer speed will be more than 3-5Mbps, you can transfer a full HD movies in a matter of Minutes.
  9. You can minimize the Transfer if you want to do anything else.
  10. You can do the same with more Android devices, I mean more than Two.

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