Google Has Improved Google Maps Experience With The New Update

Google Maps are great, but if you use them in their Default condition, you are going to waste a lot of time while going to a certain place. At first you’ll be like, I don’t know how to get there or arriving to your destination, Google Maps won’t show your location of the same place, thus confusing you whether you have arrived at the point or not. Beside the improve Search and Maps saving, Google has imported a lot of other things in the updated Google Maps including Lane Guidance and Uber Integeration.However, Lane Guidance, which is the most visible change in the Google Maps, is not available everywhere just in selective areas like Canada, Japan and the United States.


Lane Guidance:

Lane Guidance is the best way to facilitate, Intersection, Multiple Lanes and Navigation of Exists, Voice guidance is there to ease your work along with some visual cues to help drivers travel very easily. The person driving will be notified of any changes in Upcoming lanes way before they are about to happen.


Uber Integeration:

If you are looking for a Distraction free Transportation, or just want to explore the Town in night. Ubber app has the best private driver ready for you. All you need is to Download the Uber App and Google Apps will estimate the route as fast as possible. The Google Maps will then transfer to Uber app and you’ll be ready to order you own Private car, with cheaper fee than a Standard Taxi cab.


Public Transportaition:

Public Transporataion is made even simpler in the new update, even if you are not familiar with the Area. Departure, Arrival time for Trains, Buses, Subways will be combined into one simple interface, with walking directions in between. You can even look up for the “Last Trip Available”, which is very helpful if you are staying outside and don’t want to miss the last train home.


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