How to Root and Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000


Samsung Galaxy Note is the first phablet by any of the smartphone manufacturers, and the device really changed the era of gadgets after its release in 2011. Galaxy Note sported a 5.3” Super AMOLED display, 1.4 GHz Dual Core processor and 1 GB RAM as well. Initially the device came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread installed in it, perhaps the good thing about Samsung that it never forgets it’s old devices and it managed to get Android 4.1.2. Samsung-Galaxy-Note

Since Android is an open source and has no restrictions, the users are free to play with their devices the way they want. This included flashing mods, custom roms and messing with the files that are apparently locked by the manufacturers. If you are also looking to play with your device beyond the boundaries you probably need to have root access first. Following your need, we will today learn how we can gain root access on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

Before we begin, I would like you to have the following precautions. Make sure that you have battery charged over 60 % and have backed up all your important ContactsCall Logs & Messages. It is highly recommended in case of any mishap or data loss to backup all your important data. Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note on Android ICS / JB:

  1. First of all go to your Galaxy Note’s Settings > About Phone.
  2. Check your phone’s Android Version here, whether it is Android IceCream Sandwitch (4.0.x) or Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2).
  3. In the about phone, you also need to check your phone’s Kernal version.
  4. Download the .zip file for your phone’s kernel version fromHERE.
  5. Place the downloaded .zip file on your phone’s external sd card.
  6. Turn off your phone by long pressing the power button or pulling off the battery, wait for about 30 seconds. Turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power Keys.
  7. Your phone should now boot into the recovery mode, you can move between the options by using volume up and down keys, the power key can be used to make a selection.
  8. Select ”install update from external sd card”.
  9. Select the downloaded .zip file and then select yes.
  10. Let the process begin, it will install the custom recovery and root your phone. You can enter into the custom recovery by repeating the step 6. Find the SuperSu application installed in your phone in the apps menu, or verify the root access by installing the Root Checker App from the play store. Congrats!

Rooting the phone on Android Gingerbread: Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note running on Android 2.3.x Gingerbread is not possible therefore, you will have to flash a pre-rooted ROM. follow the steps explained below to flash a pre-rooted ROM.

  • Download and Unzip Odin PC – Get it here.
  • Download & Install Samsung USB Drivers – Get here.
  • Download and unzip the Pre-Rooted Gingerbread ROM – Get it here.
  • Open Odin
  • Put your phone in the download mode, in order to do so turn off your phone first of all by pulling out the battery for around 30 seconds or by long pressing the power button. Turn it on by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Home + Power Keys.
  • download-mode-s2
  • Attach your phone to your computer using the original USB cable.
  • The ID:COM port at the top left in ODIN should turn blue or yellow now.
  • Select the PDA tab and select the downloaded pre-rooted ROM.
  • The options selected in your ODIN must be same as shown below.
  • TEchbeasts-rootS4
  • Click on ”Start”, the installation process will start in ODIN and on your phone too. As soon as it is done, your phone will restart and you have the pre-rooted ROM installed with CWM recovery.
  • In case you are facing any screen issues, you don’t need to worry at all as these issues will vanish after updating your ROM. Download a ROM from HERE and flash it using the method explained in above steps.
  • Congrats! You’ve rooted and updated your Galaxy Note now.

Now wondering what to do with your rooted phone? 

Here’s the answer for you! Rooting your phone gives you complete access over all the data which is apparently locked by the manufacturers. This includes removal of the factory restrictions and making changes to the internal system and the operating system. Gaining the root access gives you the privileges to install various applications to enhance the performance of your device, allows you to remove the built-in applications/programs, helps you to upgrade the battery life of your device & install the apps which require the root access for the proper functionality and modify your device in so many other ways e.g using mods and custom roms.

How to keep Root after OTA Updates

The OTA updates rolled out by the manufacturers wipe the root access on your phone. In case you don’t know how you can restore the root access after OTA update, you’ll have to root your phone once again, but there is no need to do it as you can restore it using the OTA Rootkeeper App which is available in the Google Play Store. The app creates backup of your root and simply restores it after any OTA update.

While rooting your phone, please keep it in mind that the Root Process isn’t  official and has nothing to deal with Google Inc and the device manufacturer, which is Samsung in our case. Follow the guide carefully to prevent any damages to the device as the method is completely custom.

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below, we’ll try our best to help you out :D Good Luck

Usama is a software engineer by profession and at he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.


    • @disqus_vffgXIfOe1:disqus this has nothing to do with your memory card, perhaps try plugging it out and putting it back, or just format it to an appropriate format and insert it.

  1. I am not sure which zip file to download.

    My kernel is

    Do I look for latest version with DXLR5 in it, for example,

    PhilZ-cwm6-DXLR5-OLB-v3.99 ?

      • update:

        I installed the 2.7 version of the same kernel version and it allows the rooting to proceed.

        Update: I am getting a error message:

        E: signature verification failed

        Thank you very much for the advice.

        I am going to have a go!

        • @taulim:disqus please try placing the .zip file on the other memory, if you’re using internal then place it now on external and vice versa..please see if the error persists.

          • Hi Usama

            I am not able to root with the 2.7 version of the zip file, so will not be trying the 3.99 version of the replacement kernel.

            The main reason I needed to root is because I read that my ‘insufficient storage” issue is because there is a lot of junk log files in datalog that needs to be cleared out. For that I need a root explorer and root access

            My internal storage was 130mb out of 1.97Gb space. The phone behaves badly – no syncing with gmail, reboots erratically, cannot update applications etc.

            After clearing out the datalog contents I now have again 980mb out of 1.97gb.

            This is a design flaw in the Android op sys. You can only do a factory reset and do all the re-installs again if you do not have root access.


  2. I want to install kitkat 4.4 in my Samsung GT N7000 and my android
    version is 4.1.2. and kernal version is 3.0.31-906407 and baseband
    version is N7000DDLS6. Plz tell hopw to install kitkat 4.4. I have
    downloaded the software
    (1) Omni,

    Please tell me what to do now…..

    when i try to install N7000 CWM kitkat this shows an error message that

    E signature verification failed.

    Thanx in advance

  3. I installed KitKat 4.4 and its working fine. But I want to again install android jelly beans 4.1.2. Again. So tell me how can I install that jeally beans again in my Samsung GT N7000

  4. I download both zip files of custom rom and gaaps but i dont understand how to make cwm recovery and nandriod backup pls hlp

  5. Hi Usama, My android version is 4.1.2
    my Baseband version is N7000BDULS7
    my Kernel version is 3.0.31 – 1103517 [email protected] #3 SMP PREEMPT
    I am not sure which zip file to use as my Kernel version sounds vastly different to those of others.

  6. Hello, i want to downgrade my android to lower version, m having 4.1.2 now…..i m having Samsung GT N7000 and my android
    version is 4.1.2. and kernal version is 3.0.31-906407 and baseband
    version is N7000DDLS6.
    Any suggestions….

    • @disqus_8s81noY03J:disqus that’s not a good choice, downgrading your phone will result in messing up your device’s EFS and you won’t be able to use the SIM card. I’ll look out if there’s any certain method to downgrade and let you know. Stay connected.

  7. Hello Usama, i am little worried about the rooting as not sure it will work or not….dont know much about it….actual prob is my phn got very much slow, many a times i done hard format…but still the same….it is taking too much time even for opening whatsapp….now though of downgrading it…but its also having prob now…thanks for the reply….now main concern is how should i get out from this….m not sure how to root…plz help here…..if there is any way than rooting, i will prefer or else provide me the details like zip file and ways of rooting and which android version i should install etc…waiting for your quick reply…

  8. Hello, thanks for the reply…the main prob is my phn is very much slow…cant even open wahtsapp quick…fed up by this.. hard resetted the phn many a times..still the prob…so it hought of downgrading….also m worried about rooting…not aware of this and may land up in worst after trying…so not sure what to do now…plz guide…what zip file i should use now and which android version i should install…also want to know rooting can disable S-pen features? plz help me out asap….thanks in advance…waiting for ur reply…

    • @disqus_8s81noY03J:disqus you may root and use some applications to enhance your device. Downgrading won’t help, or else you may go for some nice custom ROM and flashing it will make your phone much faster.

      • Hello Usama,
        Can you suggest any good custom ROM which will not affect the TOUCHWIZ and S-PEN features and the steps to flash the device….i m having Samsung GT N7000 and my android version is 4.1.2. and kernal version is 3.0.31-906407 and baseband
        version is N7000DDLS6……thanks for helping me out…

        • @disqus_8s81noY03J:disqus yes sure. I’ll find a good ROM and make a guide today or tomorrow. Please stay connected and wait for the notification on disqus. I’ll let you know.

      • Dear usama,
        i have problem in n7000 mobile, i have tried but filed the kitkat update my mobile my error message below please tel me how could short out in this problem…

        E: signature verification failed…
        E: failed to verify whole file signature
        E: failed to verify whole file signature
        E: signature verification failed… Please suggest how can I update my Galaxy Note…

        please send for the instruction my mail id [email protected]…. help me any one….please ….

  9. plz any one help me out regarding the mobile,, i m using samsung note gt n7000 running on 4.1.2 & i have done root ( only) i hv not install clockworkmod…. so i hv to install it but i don’t get the correct link of that.. so plz guys hepl me out…. and plzzz replay me on my e-mail [email protected] plzz fast guyss anyone….

    • @disqus_EMvpcaNnhm:disqus you will have to find the official firmware having that modem and flash it – in case you don’t have that modem separately. Let me know if you would require the firmware, I’ll drop the link here.

  10. i want to upgrade my samsung galaxy gtn700 with android version 2.3.6 and kernel version… how can i upgarde it? thanks..

  11. Hi Usama, My android version is 4.0.3
    my Baseband version is N7000DXLR1
    my Kernel version is 30.0.15-N7000DXLR5-CL968032
    I am not sure which zip file to use as my Kernel version sounds vastly different to those of others.

  12. Hello usama, I have n7000 with android version 2.3.5 and I have finished your first step which is to flash a pre-rooted ROM using odin app and I done it successfully then my cp restarted and your next step stated “Download a ROM from HERE and flash it using the method explained in above steps.” when I click ‘HERE’, all files are in, and I cant open that site, I search it in google and it is stated that is no longer working… How do I follow your next step if I cant download a file in hotfile that u provided? Pls help me usama 🙁

  13. Dude, I have a Kernel of 3.0.31-906407 and baseband N7000DDLS6.
    Please send me root file link. android 4.1.2

  14. Baseband version: N7000DXLS8
    Kernel version: 3.0.31-906407
    Android: 4.1.2
    Please sent me a link for recovery, custom rom and g apps. Contact me with email. [email protected]. please help me. I want to upgrade my phone to lolipop version. Please i beg to you

  15. dear Usama Mujtaba,
    I have rooted and installed philz cwm6 on my galaxy note n7000 and then i installed paranoid android lollipop 5.1.1. my phone is working fine but when i tried to instal supersu the supersu app shows phone is not rooted. same is with the root checker app it shows phone is not rooted. i want to root my phone and instal supersu on my note n7000 with android lollipop custom rom. Plz help. If possible plz send me the links on my email.

    • @disqus_6oDJv7A8Wy:disqus The ROM you flashed, is it pre-rooted? You can go to developer options and check if there is a root option. If the ROM isn’t rooted, you will have to flash SuperSU using the recovery. Best of luck.

      • Hello Usama,

        Thanks a lot sir for your valuable reply.
        I don’t know that the rom i flashed is pre rooted or not, but earlier before while installing cwm and kitkat rom on my note n7000 i rooted my phone and checked it with root checker app. it showed that the phone is rooted, but when i upgraded and installed paranoid android lollipop 5.1.1 and then again i checked with root checker app it shows phone is not rooted.
        Also there is no root option in developer options. Can i flash SuperSU Beta 2.68 on my phone or else which supersu do i have to flash using the recovery. Plz help and if possible send me the link for SuperSU.

  16. Hello Sir,

    Plz help, I have flashed aryamod v7 custom rom on my note n7000 all things worked well but due to my mistake i make it to factory reset and then the phones goes into rebooting mode and stucked on welcom to galaxy note n700 screen, nothing is happening to my phone now. but it is starting in download mode.. Plz help how to flash the rom in download mode or how to revive my phone. Thanx

  17. Hello developer, i have been following this and certainly was good but again i have another phone the Note 1 I9228 ChN (JZ054K.I9228ZMBMMC2) which i also want upgrade. I have managed to upgrade upto 4.1.2 but still failing to get the English Rom for higher versions like 5 or 6. Is there some thing you can do for me or advise

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