How To Make Your Phone Number Appear As a Private Number


There are many benefits for not having your number shown to the person you are calling, but when he calls you back you can see his number. Your number will appear as Private, Restricted, Blocked or Unavailable.  Imagine you can stalk your friends or scare the hell out of them with such a trick. Here is how you can make your mobile number appear as private.

Make Your Phone Number Appear As a Private Number

Method 1:

Enter an ID-Blocking Prefix.

Dial *67 on your phone dialer, entering this code before the number will temporarily hide your side of caller ID, instead of your number the receiver will find the Private Number thread. *67 will only work in North America.

Make Your Phone Number Appear As a Private Number

Here are the codes for some other Regions:

  • Albania, Australia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Sweden: #31#
  • Argentina, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa: *31*
  • Germany: *31# or #31#
  • Hong Kong: 133
  • Japan: 184
  • UK and Ireland: 141
  • New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom) or *67 (Vodafone)

Method 2:

Adjust Your Phone Setting.

  • Go to Phone Settings > Call.
  • Now find Either Show/Send My Caller ID Or Show/Hide My Number.
  • Your current settings will be automatically set up by the provider.
  • Change it to Hide ID/No ID. This will stop the company to send your information to the receiver.
  • Now restart your phone and try calling someone.

Method 3:

Permanent Blocking:

Many Service providers are offering such privacy, visit your Service provider Website to Check.

Note: Many users enable the option of ‘Reject From Blacklist”, those who have enabled it might not be able to receive calls from you. In other words, you can’t call them.


  1. I tried to hide my no. But it shows “use default operator settings to display my no. In outgoing call” what should I have to do to fix this n make my no. Private plz help I have infocus bingo 50 which runs on android 6.0 marshmallow

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