How to Hide Secret Files on Your Galaxy S5 Using Built-In Private Mode


Everybody wants privacy on their smartphones, tablets and even on computers. When we are talking about smartphones there are many third party apps like Applock, Gallery Plus – Hide PicturesSectos – Photo & Video VaultTimeLockHi App Lock and many more, but first thought came into my mind that our personal things can get hacked if app server got hacked. Well today I’ve a good news for Samsung Galaxy S5 user’s, you don’t have to download and install any third party app Samsung has added a new feature in Galaxy s5 ” Private Mode ” that lets you hide pictures, music, videos, and other files. Today, I will tell you how you can Hide Secret Files on Your Galaxy S5 Using Built-In Private Mode.



To get starting with Private Mode, Swipe down the status bar with your two fingers so that you get all the option as shown in the upper screenshot. Tap on Private mode you’ll see four option to set the unlock method PatternPINFingerprint, orPassword.

Selecting Pictures,Videos, Music and Files You Want to Hide

  • After activating Private Mode go to your Gallery app and select the photos and video you want hide, after select all the pictures and video tap on the menu and select move to private.
  • Now goto Music app select all the files that you want to hide after selecting tap on menu select move to private.
  • Now if you want to hide Files go to ” My Files ” choose files you want to hide tap on menu and select move to private.
  • After you choose your files, Pictures, Video and music. You’ll be asked where you want to place your files. Select private storage instead of device. Create a folder in your private memory and select ok. All your files will be moved to the selected folder.


  • After moving your files to Private Storage now go back to home screen. Swipe down the status bar with two fingers so that you can see all the options. Tap on Private Mode you’ll be promoted to Pin, Password, Swipe or Pattern that you have select in first step. Enter what ever you have selected to disable the Private Mode.

Accessing All of Your Hidden Files:

Now you were thinking how to retrieve the hidden files. It’s easy follow all the following steps and you get all your files back.

  • Open Private Mode , Enter code or what ever you have enabled for security.
  • Goto My Files and you will see private storage option tap on it.
  • You’ll get your Folder that you have created in above guide.