How To Fix Problems With Galaxy Note 3 On Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat

Galaxy Note 3 is without any doubt Samsung’s best release in terms of Mobile tech, even better than their latest flagship Galaxy S5. Despite its huge size, the only let down I saw in the start but as the time progressed, I found a lot of problems in its Stock Android 4.4.2 Firmware. Some of them were fast battery consumption, which something I believed the work of bloatware, but then there were a little problem with syncing too and the worst of all is  that I have experienced in most of the Galaxy Devices, is the Wi-Fi connectivity issue. In my experience, if I had left the Wi-Fi turned on and got out of the range, and then again if I am in range. it won’t connect automatically even worst it won’t even see the Wi-Fi connection, however after some seconds it does connect but in the meantime, at first I did panic.

Here you will find the solutions of most of those problems, but keep in mind that Samsung hasn’t officially released any words about those problems, there are chances that they release a Patch in the next update,which might solve all these problems. Till then, here are the solutions as well as the problems.


No Option To Save To SD Card:

In Galaxy Note 3 there is no option to save the apps to the Sdcard, in other devices, this feature is still available. Most of the Applications whose basic purpose is to back-up data, like Titanium Back-up won’t work until there is an option available to save data to SDcard. But there are some solutions available to get rid of this problem. We have posted a full guide on it, here is the link:

How to Fix save to the SD card with Android 4.4.2 on the Galaxy Note 3

Keep in mind, that this method requires Root access, if your device is not rooted, then don’t bother following it. You can also go for FolderMount from Play Store, but it also requires Root access.

Quick Battery Drain:

Well I have witnessed a real fast battery consumption while using Galaxy Note 3. Battery life was superb till Android 4.3, I am talking about all the Android devices, most of the users remain at Android 4.3 Jelly Bean just because if this main reason. But there are solutions available, not the perfect one, but it will work and you will feel some difference. Follow the Guide to see whether it works for your or not.

How To Save Battery Life On Android

If you want to use some 3rd party applications to save battery, Juice defender is the best one available yet. I have tried it on Sky Vega LTE, Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation XE and Dell Streak 5, others didn’t required any battery assistant, but for all these devices, Juice Defender worked for sure.


Problem With Wi-Fi:

There were a some problems with Wi-Fi as I’ve mentioned above, where the Wi-Fi connection showed week signals, but refuse to connect with it, here are some solutions:

  1. Go To Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Select the particular Wi-Fi and Forget it.
  3. Deactivate your Wi-Fi and after a little time, reactivate it.
  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi again and it will work.
  5. Just make sure to deactivate your Wi-Fi, when you are not using it.

E-Mail Syncing Problem:

Well this is one of the biggest problems, thank goodness it never happened to me. Whenever you tried to update your E-Mail, it never happens, this can be solved like this:

  1. Go To Settings > Accounts and Google Accounts.
  2. Check if the Automatic Sync is On and all of the Boxes are ticked, if not then do so.
  3. Now go back and choose Google + and change it to Automatic Save.

Some Of The Apps Are not Working:

Some of the Apps were working in the start and all of a sudden they have stopped working, here is what you need to do:

  1. The App might not be compatible with Android 4.4.2, you can wait for the update, which might bring Android 4.4.2 Comaptibility.
  2. Syncing between Data and apps might help.
  3. Empty the Cache of the particular app, go to Settings > Application Manager > Scroll and look for the app, empty the Cache and Data, just in case and see if that works or not.

If you have come across any other problem, do share with us, who knows we might be able to help you.

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