How To Get Galaxy S6 Edge Lighting Feature On Any Android Phone

Galaxy S6 Edge is one of its-own-kind smartphone by Samsung. The two sided curved display, and the gorilla glass build makes the smartphone pretty cool. Samsung has also equipped this smartphone with some cool features making the best use of the edges. One of the edge features is “My People” which allows you to add 5 different contacts to the list against different colours. When your phone is placed  in the face-down direction on a table and you get a call from one of the people from “My People” list, the light against which you have added that content, the light starts floating in the edge of the phone. This feature is mesmerising and adds a lot to this device’s beauty.

Other Android smartphone users can’t get the edge display on their phones, but they sure can import some features. Since this is Android, anything is possible and the Lighting feature has already been ported from Galaxy S6 Edge to other smartphones by means of a little application. The application makes the phone show lighting on either both sides or left/right side of the screen when a call is in place. Although getting this feature is pretty useless as it won’t work when you’ve placed your phone in the face-down position, you can only see the lights on the screen when your phone is placed in the face-up direction. The application “Edge Color Notifications” also allows you to select the lighting for app notifications, which is not a feature of the S6 Edge basically. S6 Edge only shows the light on 5 contacts against phone calls, but Edge Colour Notification allows your desired applications to show the colours on both sides of your phone. You can select whether you want the lighting on both sides, left side or right side only.

If you just want to see how do these lights look, you may go ahead, install this application and check it out.

How To Get Galaxy S6 Edge Lighting Feature On Any Android Phone

  1. Download and install Edge Colour Notifications application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app from app drawer.
  3. Once opened, setup using the options on-screen.
  4. Checkout the lighting on your phone’s screen once you get a call or notification.
  5. That’s all. Good Luck


Here’s the app’s official description:

Emulates the Galaxy S6 Edge feature (Edge lighting) that shows colors in the edge of the phones when there is an incoming call.
People Edge feature soon!!

UNINSTALL: just click the uninstall option in the app menu.
if the button is not working:
Go to SETTINGS->Location and Security-> Device Administrator and deselect the admin then uninstall normally

Please if you report a crash while using the app, pleas add your email so i can contact you to work together and fix it!

No memory drains!! no battery drains…just easy, simple and lighweight.

– Set different animations with glow effects!
– Set different colors for you contacts
– Set colors for your incoming app notifications!

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