how to fix Wi-Fi option is grayed out on your iPhone or iPad [ Easy Guide ]


One of my friend told me that he is facing some kind of grayed out issue on Wifi option while he is toggling on/off on his iPhone or iPad. Then is searched for more and yes many people have reported about it. So today i’ll will tell you how to fix it ” Wi-Fi option is grayed out on your iPhone or iPad “. This is a serious issue because this cause “Wi-Fi Not Available” error message. So lets fix it :). You can find more iPhone issues guides in my collection do check out. All credit goes to imore writer Allyson Kazmucha for this working guide.


How did you fix grayed out Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad:

Ok now follow all the steps carefully in order to fix grayed out wifi problem on your iPhone or iPad. If none of this works for you in first time please perform these solution one more time and still no luck the best option is to goto Apple store they’ll fix it for you.

  • First try to hard reboot your iPhone or iPad this might help because if any app or jailbreak causing grayed out wifi error then hard reset will work for you.
  • Update your device to latest version of iOS don’t worry now you can jailbreak all of iOS 7 versions. See Here How to Jailbreak iOS all Versions .
  • Try reseting your network settings.


  1. Settings app
  2. General
  3. Reset
  4. Reset Network Settings
  5. reboot
  • Now Try to restore your iPhone or iPad connect your device with iTunes and click on restore. Make sure you backup your iPhone or iPad before performing a restore.
  • As i told you before if none of this work for you then visit nearest Apple Store and get your iPhone repaired.

Do tell me in comments did these worked for your or not ??

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