A Simple Way, How to merge a contact in Windows Phone [ Complete Guide ]


A good thing about Windows Phone is People Hub in which we have all our contact’s. People Hub works awesome it integrate your contact form Facebook/Twitter and merge with the contacts on the phone,basically it keep all of your friends data in one place. But sometimes not, have you ever wonder why sometimes you face a problem that when you saved a contact with friends nickname or his complete name, but when you try to search you find his/her Facebook name or Twitter or you find double contacts. It happens because the first and last name is not same on either contacts or Facebook/Twitter. So today i’ll tell you a simple way to merge a contact in Windows Phone.


How to link and merge contacts in Windows Phone:

Follow all the simple steps to link and merge your contacts in Windows Phone and this method is for all variants of Windows Phone. Choose the right contacts.

  1. First Select the contact you want to link to other.
  2. After taping on the contact a new page will open, now at the bottom of the page you’ll see 3 options. [ Pin,link and Edit ].
  3. Now tap on the link icon.
  4. You’ll be passed on to next page where you’ll see all you phone contacts.
  5. Now tap on the contact that you want to link with the one that you have chosen in the 1st step.
  6. You have successfully linked your two contacts.
  7. Do tell me your experience in comments.

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Credit: WpCentral