How to fix the iPhone 5S Touch ID problem


The Apple iPhone 5S came with an embedded fingerprint scanner but ever since it had its first hands-on review, people have been reporting about the security holes that the operating system and the phone has. A less rate of success attempts for the fingerprint touch ID have been reported by many people in the tech support forums.

A thread on the Apple support forums mentioned the same problem and Apple suggests setting it up for the first time. Allegedly, Apple employees who work at the company’s Genius Bar support desks, are encouraging users to place the center of their finger on the device for the fingerprint reader’s first scan. After that they should lift their finger, then place their finger up at an angle slightly for the device’s second setup scan. To quote,

“For phase one, start by putting the meat of the finger being registered on the button for the first picture taken. Then put the finger back down and before it hits the button, roll it up on the left edge, at about a 45 degree angle, and then put it on the button, then repeat by rolling up the right edge at a 45 degree angle. Then tip up the front of the finger and place it down (not too angled up). Then start the 4 step cycle again until it states it is now ready for you to adjust your grip. At this point, put your finger down at the angle you will attempt to unlock the phone. Then move it a little here and there on the button, until it says you have success. I have had 20 straight successes, and counting.”


I know that it sounds much fatigue but once you’ve had it set up, you’ll learn that it was good you did it. Although this doesn’t completely fix the problem but it does cut it down to 95% successful attempts.

We hope this will lessen your frustration that came with this Touch ID problem.

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