How to Fix Lag Issue on LG G3 Easy Method No Root [ Video ]


LG G3, LGs latest flagship device is available for general public, and from the success meter of LG G2, its predecessor, LG G3 is gaining a lot of Publicity. After all, it is filled with so many features and if we look at the Specs, 5.5″ screen size with True IPS HD display, 2/3GB of RAM, 16/32GB of RAM, 13MP camera, Qualcomm snapdragon 801 2.5GHz Quad-Core Krait processor, running Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat out-of-the-box. Now with such high specs, if the device shows even a little lag, there is a reason to fret and guess what, some of the LG G2 users are complaining about experiencing Lag in LG G3.

Now when we talk about lag, whether you are using a tablet or a Smartphone, the time lapse between your finger tap on screen and the reaction of the device according to your action or the response from the device. Usually it happens, because of the insufficient processing power, but sometimes the reason can be something else, for a Samsung users, the Lag is a pretty familiar term. Even though the LG G3 has best possible Hardware ported in it, still it lags and we are going to solve this problem for you.


In this Article, we will show you How to Fix Lag Issue on LG G3, without any root. However, if this solution doesn’t work for you, take your device to near Repairing center, or if you can, do claim the warranty, a hardware problem can also cause such problem.

Fix Lag Issue on LG G3:

  • Open the Phone Dialer in your LG G3.

  • Now according to your LG G3 variant, type the following code:

  1. International Model : 3845#*855#
  2. Verizon: #228378 + send
  3. Sprint: 5689#*990#
  4. AT&T: 3845#*850#
  5. T-Mobile: 3845#*851#
  • Upon seeing the Service menu on your Phone, Scroll down to High Temperature Property Off option.

  • Select the Option and Turn it On.

  • Now get out of the menu and Turn off your phone.

  • Just wait for 10-seconds and Turn On your device.

  • Wait till the device boots up and Home Screen is in front on you.

  • That’s It. Now you’ll sure to experience some noticeable difference in your Phone Performance