How to Factory Reset a Windows Phone [ Simple Guide ]


Here’s how you can factory reset a Windows Phone to get back to the stock settings. Windows Phone are getting a lot of heat after adding new and improved features, more and more users are getting switching from iOS and Android to Windows Phone. As new features are making their way to Windows Phone, we can face performance¬†issues so at some point you have to reset your Windows Phone for some reason.

I’ve prepared a simple guide on how to reset a Windows Phone, most of you people knows but for those who are new to Windows Phone you can use my guide to reset a Windows Phone.

how reset windows phone

How to Factory Reset a Windows Phone [ Simple Guide ]:

Step#1: Turn on your Windows Phone.

Step#2: Enter the passcode if you have added.

Step#3: Open settings on your Windows Phone, mostly its pinned on home screen if not then swipe left to open the menu.

Step#4: Now in settings scroll down and tap on System.

Step#5: In system menu scroll down and tap on About.

Step#6: Now scroll down and tap on Reset Your Phone button.

Step#7: You’ll see a confirmation message, Tap on Yes to proceed.

All Done.. !!!

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