How To Enable Multi-Tasking In Google Chrome

Upon hearing the Multi-Tasking, the first thing that comes in our mind is an Android or iOS device, but what if I tell you that multi-tasking is possible in Chrome as well. While you are clicking or using CTRL + 1,2,3 to navigate between Chrome Tabs or Windows, Chrome Web store is offering applications, which can create a floating window of a Chrome tab, so you won’t switch between the tabs again and again and Picture in Picture Viewer for Chrome does the job. The working part in the whole thing is that you need to enable the pop-out panel support in Chrome. It is quite simple, just some addition in the Adress bar. Here is how you can install this Extension and enable the pop-out panel support in Chrome.


How To Install And Use Picture in Picture Viewer:


  1. First of all, download and install Picture in Picture Viewer from Chrome Store.
  2. Now Type chrome://flags/ and look for Enable Panel option, once found Enable it.
  3. Now open any page you want to view in Pop-up mode and copy the URL.
  4. Click the Picture in Picture Viewer icon on the Top right corner and Paste the URL in Clipboard.
  5. You will see the a new Window pop-up at the Bottom of screen.
  6. That Particular site will always open the Pop-up mode.
  7. The same method can be applied on multiple sites to enhance Multitasking.
  8. For even more ease, just add #panel after the URL to open it in Pop-up mode.
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