Here Is How You Can Use Spotify Outside UK, US

As, you all know that Spotify is not available for the whole world, most of the times it is available only for UK and USA users. Even though there are other services like Spotify that are available throughout the world, but Spotify is specifically made to listen the music. And according to what they wrote on their site, it will be launched very soon, for the country you are living in. Not a very difficult task, but you have to do little things out of the order.

First of all you need to Change your Proxy Server to UK or US. You can use Hotspot shield to do so, but their service is only good for unblocking the sites. Their proxy can easily be caught, as it happened to me while I was playing MW3, and was kicked out for using an illegal proxy server. We will show you a great Proxy switcher, which will help you in opening Spotify.


How To Use Spotify:


  1. First Of all, Visit Tunnel Bear to Change Your Proxy to UK or US, you will be given maximum 500MB bandwidth, more than enough for the Job.
  2. Now visit Spotify home page and Sign in.
  3. You can even use your Facebook account to Log-in.
  4. After logging in, Edit your Profile and Change the Country to UK. The reason why we change the Proxy to UK, if the proxy is not set to UK, Sotify won’t open at all.
  5. That is all, go ahead and install Spotify on your Computer, you can Log-in using  your Facebook credentials again.
  6. Make sure to activate the VPN the whole time, for the first Log-in


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