How To Download Exclusive and Country Stickers On Line.

One of the Popular Social Chatting App, Line gives a good amount of beautiful stickers, but many of them are restricted to Countries only. Users outside this Specific area cannot download and use these stickers, even if they have the link of those Stickers. We will show you how to use Stickers of those countries you are not living in. But first, if you have registered Link using your Mobile number, Remove it.


We will use OpenVPN to change the Country, so you can use Country Exclusive Stickers, but remember you can only download Free Stickers.

Delete Your Line Account’s Number First:

Go to Settings > Apps > Line and Tap Clear Data.



Once the Wipe is complete, Open Line again and Registered using your Facebook Account or any-other E-Mail. Do not use your Phone Number.

Now Get Stickers.

  • Launch Play Store and Search for OpenVPN¬†and Install it.
  • Visit the Line StickerPage to check which country Stickers you want to download. The Website is in Thai but most Stuff Written is in English.


  • Visit VPNGate on your Browser and Switch to most Suitable VPN, Open VPN Config File > Download the File and tap on it to download and it will automatically imported to OpenVPN, you will get the Green Message if the Connection is successful.





  • Force Close Line if it is Running.
  • Open Line again and this time Visit Sticker store to download the Brand new Stickers.
  • Once the Stickers are downloaded, you can close OpenVPN, close line and launch it again if you have trouble sending message.
  • Repeat the VPN Config Steps to download Stickers from Other Countries.
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