How to Change IP Address on Android


Internet is growing with every second and is all about openness. Any type of restriction over the internet is not less then a cage and just kills all of it’s taste. Websites like Youtube are banned in some countries, and if seen from a positive point of view, such websites contain great content and are helpful for so many things whether it’s education, it’s cooking, it’s singing, it can be anything. To discover content on these sites and get rid of the restriction put by your ISP, you need to get connected over the internet anonymously and that’s possible by changing the IP address manually or using a proxy application.

Using proxies is the most common and the only method that people know about to access  blocked / banned websites. But some computer freaks might be aware of the very simple and easiest method, changing the IP address (as mentioned) of a computer and accessing the blocked websites anywhere in the world. Changing IP address is quite simple, you just need to find a working IP address and then put it along with it’s port in the internet options > connections > lan settings > proxy settings and it will do the job here, but how about changing the IP address in an Android device and access the internet at fast speed just like you access on a desktop PC or laptop by changing IP address? Well, changing the IP address has multiple advantages. You can save the battery life of your device that a proxy application will most probably eat, you can access the internet at the real speed of your connection, you can access the websites without any extra ads that proxy applications most probably put and a lot more.

In the following post we will go through a method that explains how you can find a working IP address and also how you can change the IP address on your Android device and access the blocked websites easily. Let’s move forward.

How to change the IP Address on your Android device:

      1. First of all you need to find a working IP address along with it’s port.  There are numerous sites that provide IP addresses, a little googling may be of much help here. An IP address is a number having a colon and then followed by a post. For example , here the part before colon is IP address and after is Port. You got to put both in their relevant boxes.
      2. You can determine the working state of the IP address by seeing it’s speed on the provider’s site.
      3. Once you’ve got an IP address, copy it.
      4. Now on your Android device, tap settings.
      5. In settings tap connections > network connections > WiFi.
      6. Now in WiFi you will find the list of WiFi networks available around, tap the one you’re connected with for a few seconds.
      7. After keeping it tapped, you will see two options Forget Network & Modify Network.
      8. Tap  Modify Network Config > Show Advanced Options.
      9. In Advanced Options select Proxy > Manual.
      10. Once you tap Manual, you will find Proxy & Port boxes below.
      11. Paste the IP address in Proxy & Port in the Proxy Port box.
      12. Save now.
      13. In older devices, you need to tap Settings > Network Connections > WiFi Settings > Advanced > Proxy and put the IP address & Port here.
      14. To stop using the Proxy IP Address, simply remove the IP Address from the same location and disable “Advanced Options”.
      15. That’s All!



We will soon post a video tutorial as it may confuse a lot of users. We hope that the tutorial helps you guys for now, in case you got any queries, please don’t hesitate to stop by the comment box below. Thanks all.