Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Specs, Features, Price & Release Dates


Google impressed last year with its top notch Nexus devices which even got listed in top smartphone’s of the year on a lot of tech sites. With the predecessor setting such a high bar, people are anticipating what the company will do to top the standard that they set last year. The wait is almost over and the tech giant will be unveiling Google Pixel XL and Pixel on 4th October in San Francisco. The invites are already out and we can’t wait to see what specs and features Google will wow the critics and consumers with.


Google, this time around seems to be stepping up the game with their smartphones. The rebranding can be seen in their use of the name “Pixel”, where previously they used “Nexus”. Nexus is synonymous with quality, high spec Android devices. A question that comes to mind is, if the company has an established brand why would they leave it behind. The answer lies in Google’s strive for innovation and bringing the best in the market. With Pixel, the company is ushering in a new phase of developing devices ‘Made by Google’. This also marks another step in Google’s evolution in the industry where they are aiming to compete with the likes of iPhone and Samsung. Pixel will not just be a name but an experience.

In the past Google has partnered with different manufacturers like Huawei, LG and HTC for producing their Nexus devices. This time around they have collaborated with HTC for the production of Pixel smartphone’s. With ‘Made by Google’ initiative, it is speculated that Google will be taking a more hands on approach for the device’s hardware design and production. This will definitely give Google an edge over other competitors in the market. Not only will they provide optimized OS and high-end specs but a smartly deigned device as well. Apple does the same with iPhone and every element of their device is in sync with each other which provides users the ultimate experience. If Google with the Pixel lineup does the same, we have a competitor which directly challenges Apple.

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Let’s have look at the rumored specs and design features of Google Pixel XL and Pixel. Both the devices will make use of Qualacomm’s latest offering, Snapdragon 821 along with 4 GB RAM. As of the moment, only Asus Zenfone3 uses this processor and there is a strong possibility that Snapdragon 821 will be used instead of 820. The processor features 4 cores cocked at 1.5 GHz. Along with this the device will come with a 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB internal storage options. Both the devices will feature the same cameras. A 12 MP, Sony IMX378 rear and 8MP Sony IMX 179 front camera will grace the devices. Paired with Google’s optimized software, this sure looks like a winning combination. If last year’s Nexus camera results are anything to go by, Google definitely will up the ante this time around.google_pixel_narrow

Leaks and rumors suggest possible upgrades in the OS department as well. Pixels will be equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box. There are speculations that Google will end up using Nougat 7.1 to give their devices the edge over other Android devices. Along with that a new Pixel launcher will be introduced instead of the Google Now Launcher. The Ambient Display Mode which gets activated by the double tap gesture and Night Light Mode which reduces the emission of Blue light will also be part of the upcoming Pixels. Along with that a Live Support Tab will provide online support for any ongoing issues that one faces.

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Google Pixel will come with a 5 inch AMOLED full HD display and the Pixel XL will sport a 5.5-inch Quad HD display. This is one of the differentiating factors between Pixel and Pixel XL. Along with that Pixel will house a 2270 mAh non-removable battery. Pixel XL will be equipped with a 3450 mAh battery power. Both these details show that with Pixel XL, Google is targeting the high-end phablet market which at the moment is up for the taking. With the Samsung Note 7 exploding batteries fiasco, it would be difficult for Samsung to regain sales with this phablet despite the recall. Hence, with Pixel XL, Google has a really good chance of higher sales and dominating the Android phablet market if they play their cards well.


People looking forward to the Pixels being waterproof or water-resistant are in for disappointment. Google Pixel and Pixel XL will come with an IP53 rating. This means that they will be protected from ‘limited dust ingress’ and ‘water spray at less than 60 degree vertical’. This can put Google smartphone’s at a slight disadvantage because at the moment both Samsung and Apple have introduced this element for their flagships for increased durability.gsmarena_003-1

Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be markedly different from the Nexus devices in terms of design. If leaked images and renders are something to go by then we will be looking at a metal-body design with a savy G logo at the back. Beforehand Google has made use of plastic for its casing; this time around they seem to be redesigning every aspect of the device. The metal-design display will definitely give it a premium look and feel. They seem to have taken a page out of Samsung’s book when they switched to metal-glass designs last year with their flagships. The smartphone will be available in three distinctive colors: Aluminum, Black and Bright Blue. As of the moment we do not have any information about the prices but we sure can speculate. For Google Pixel XL, the price will most probably be set around $600-$650 or even more based on the premium specs and features offered. Goggle Pixel will be priced around $450-$480. But this is just our assessment based on last yeas prices, the prices will be confirmed on 4th October.


Usually Google holds low key affairs for their smartphone launches. Well this time around they have adopted a different strategy which goes in sync with the Pixel rebranding. This time around the company has started marketing the launch event through bill boards and statues in USA and building side projections in Germany. This is a bit unusual for Google and shows that the company is serious about its space in the market. At the moment with the Samsung Note 7 debacle they have a great chance to shine especially when they provide people with high end specs and a premium product. Furthermore, the marketing and rebranding are the right steps for the company’s evolution process that is important for growth.

With the 4th October launch a few days to go, we can’t wait to see what more Google has to offer with its Pixel products. What do you say is Google on the right track and will Pixel XL turn out to be one of the best smartphone’s of the year?