Download Google Pixel and Pixel XL Stock Wallpapers


Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been released. These are the very first smartphones which are built from the inside and outside by Google. Google’s manufacturer partner is HTC for these phones. Both phones have a Google logo at the back. Google has tried its best to put up premium phones, the phones are packed inside aluminum build and have a glass coating on the front and at the back on the upper part. Pixel phones are launched with Android 7.1 on the top. You can read more about these phones here: Google Pixel and Pixel XL are official now, here’s everything you need to know.

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  • A plethora of Google Pixel and Pixel XL wallpapers leaked few days back when we were two weeks away from the official unveiling of these phones. The wallpapers come from a wallpaper applicaiton which is going to be a part of the Google Pixel launcher. The new wallpaper application in the upcoming smartphones will have several options like letting you choose your desired wallpaper from a handful of categories including Cityscape, Landscape, Textures, Life and Earth. The application will be suggesting you a daily wallpaper and a lot more. The new application will show you wallpapers from online sources. Upon selecting a wallpaper, you will be able to know more about who’s behind the picture and where, how that picture was actually captured.pixelteaser-walls-02-tile

Google Pixel’s wallpaper application will not work without the Pixel launcher. If you want this application to work on a non-pixel device, you will have to stick to the pixel launcher. To avoid that mess, we have got our hands on all the available wallpapers from all five categories of Google Pixel’s wallpaper application. The wallpapers available so far are absolutely stunning and crispy. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL stock wallpapers are in high definition resolution and are available for download here. You can grab your favorite wallpaper and apply on your Android smartphone or tablet right away.

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Right now, there are 43 wallpapers available in total. We are certain that the wallpaper collection will keep growing as Google releases the two smartphones. We will try our best to keep updating our page as we come across more new Pixel and Pixel XL stock wallpapers.

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