Download Gapps for LineageOS 15 [Android Oreo]


Want to install Android Oreo on your phone while it’s not officially available? The best option you may come across is going to be the LineageOS 15. Formerly known as CyanogenMod, LineageOS 15 is out for a plenty of Android handsets. The LineageOS¬†15 is based on Android Oreo. This ROM is popular because it is the only custom ROM that has made its way to a variety of Android phones giving them a new life.

LineageOS 15 based on Android Oreo is a ROM very close to Vanilla Android. These ROMs do not contain any kind of bloatware. In fact, the size of these ROMs is just a few hundred MBs. Usually, a stock ROM is a few GBs and custom ROMs are relatively very small in size. This is because alongside being Vanilla Android, these ROMs have absolutely nothing inside. There is no application that would act as bloatware. There is even nothing called Google Play Store or the Google Play Services. In order to install any such service, you have to install them manually.

Because Google Play Store and the Play Services are two very basic applications, everyone wants to install them right after flashing a ROM like LineageOS 15. In order to flash these, you have to find a Gapps package compatible with your ROM. Gapps package come in different categories. There’s a Gapps package that includes only basic Google Apps and then there’s a Gapps package that includes every single application ever developed by Google. Also, the Gapps package differs according to the CPU architecture of your Android phone. If your phone is Android x86 based, you need a different Gapps, if your phone is the ARM, you need a different Gapps and if your phone is ARM64, the Gapps package is totally different from the previous two.

It may take a few minutes for you to find the right file for your phone. If you haven’t found one and you’ve reached this place while looking for the Gapps for LineageOS¬†15, you have done the right thing. LineageOS 15 users can download Gapps for LineageOS 15 Android Oreo from here. The Gapps installation method is also given next to the Gapps download link.

Download Gapps for LineageOS 15 [Android Oreo]

Download Google Gapps for LineageOS 15 РDownload Link

How to install Google Gapps on LineageOS 15

  1. Download the Gapps for your phone from the link given above.
  2. Copy the downloaded file to your phone’s internal or external storage.
  3. Boot your phone into the custom recovery mode.
  4. In recovery, select Install > Locate and select file > Swipe screen to flash.
  5. Once flashed, reboot your device.
  6. Find Play Store and other such apps in the app drawer now. That’s all.
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